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Sunday, May 3, 2015

What does the INVERTED ACE symbolize, what is the meaning of an upside down (INVERTED) Ace of Spades

As an ordinary ace of spades symbolises/represents death (AKA the death card), an inverted one symbolizes resurrection, or life from death. It could also mean reincarnation. Traditionally, the ace of spades is the most powerful/significant card in the deck, and the one most associated with the "collective" win. Taken under great oath as the servant of the "master player". The Ace of Spades is a masculine symbol, the inverted ace would be seen by some as neither masculine nor feminine. 

Because, as pictured below, the ace is upside down, with the stem up, it could also indicate "heading to the ground" or "heading to hell" . Alternatively, given the ace of spades has a sharp tip, it can be seen as ready to spear the ground or attack that which it symbolizes. 

If the stem or "base" is up, it could also indicate one is exposed..or it could indicate one is firmly planted in the ground, and thus is standing firm and not budging. Is an obstacle that can't be moved, is not able to be influenced and thus "HEAVILY" stubborn and weighed down by that stubbornness which can not be moved.

Finally, as an ace of spades mimics the sexual attributes or is seen cojoined in description, it can be interpreted that the inverted ace is an asexual figure, or ..conversely, it could be seen as the "inversion" of sexual attributes, or a recreation of what is seen as sexuality. Considering the body of the symbol is in the ground, it could be seen as confined sexuality as well - or strictly engaged. It could also be seen as "locked in" or covered.

Thus the following definitions of the inverted ace of spades should be identified.

  • Resurrection, reincarnation.
  • Genderless, asexual. Non-human.
  • Heading to the ground, "headed to Hell"
  • Attacking hell. Stabbing that which is below.
  • Inverting sexuality.
  • Heavily implanted, heavily firm in effort. Immovable. 
  • Locked in. 

1 comment:

  1. I unknowingly got an upside down space tattooed on my arm and all of those explanations have been my life experiences... What a powerful symbol indeed.


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