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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Area-1255's Adrenal Revival Stack (A Supplement Stack Intended to Support Adrenal Function and Correct Low Blood Pressure)

This stack is intended to correct adrenal insufficiency and normalize blood pressure in hypotensive individuals. It consists of 5 specific supplements which all work at different levels to restore adrenal function and to do so in a quick manner. These supplements are not drugs but should be discussed with a Physician prior to use. Only the person in question knows, or has access to their medical history.

  1. Caffeine + NALT (N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine) : This combination product by Ceretropic contains the perfect balance of Caffeine and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine in a liquid solution. Caffeine boosts adrenal and nervous system function by blocking adenosine receptors [1] and NALT supports adrenal function by directly acting as a precursor to important hormones called catecholamines (pronounced, kat-uh-cole-uh-meens) [2] [3].
  2. Super Rhodiola : Super Rhodiola is not a traditional rhodiola rosea product, no, instead it is a unique combination of only two critical components from the herb; salidroside and tyrosol. Half-a-dropper once or twice a day can sufficiently improve adrenal function through it's critical components [4] [5].
  3. Vitamin C as Ester-C : Vitamin C, an important antioxidant, plays a critical role in adrenal health, and can be used to support the adrenal glands, specifically when it is included as a slow-release form such as Ester-C; which is more dynamic and improves adrenal function on multiple levels [6] [7].
  4. Vitamin D : An overlooked nutritional component that is still deficient in many American diets, in cold regions, deficiencies of this vitamin are rampant and the crucial adrenal supporting effects of this Vitamin become weak as levels wane. It should be supplemented in a liquid form for best absorption and 2000 IU's - 2500IU's should be a starting dose for those deficient or needing a serious boost in their mood and energy [8] [9]. For those living in cold regions, 3000 IU - 5000 IU ''loading dose'' may be necessary for the first few days or first week. Thereafter, adequate Vitamin D levels can be sustained at a daily dosage of 1200 IU's [10].
  5. Iodine : Unfortunately this mineral is still overlooked in modern days, and it's uses span beyond thyroid health and immune health, it also plays a vital role in CNS metabolic functions [11] reproductive functions [12] and especially, adrenal steroid synthesis and adrenal function/integrity [13]. The GHC & Alex Jones currently have the best Iodine product on the market. It's called Survival Shield x2

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