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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Supplements to Increase / Boost Alertness (Top 5 Alertness Increasing Supplements)

One thing that irritates me, and I'm sure it irritates most of those reading this blog, is that searching the Internet for a phrase like ''alertness increasing'' or ''energy-boosting supplements'' often comes up with very generic, and often unfounded sources. We see articles from sites like 'livestrong' and others, which often are very vague, and give more instructions on using supplements than providing proof they actually relate to the title in question. 

When all else fails, who do you turn to? I turn to PubMed. The health line and public database of the NIH has consistently been a great place to find research and to validate certain supplements - now, it isn't perfect either, but at least studies like this one exist with a certain numeral code assigned to them. 

So what we are looking at today, are proven ways (supplements) to increase alertness. Not energy, not motivation, but alertness. Being attentive, aware, aroused, and able to engage. Any activity, even something as trivial as watching TV demands some degree of alertness. If you want to enjoy it at least.

I want to pass off my knowledge to my readers, here.

| 5 Supplements Proven to Increase Alertness Significantly |
NOTE: As always, the numbers in the brackets are citations, click the numbers to see proof for the supplement in question.

  1. Modafanil / Adrafanil [1] [2] [3] : Modafanil isn't technically a supplement, but Adrafanil is. However, each of them are almost the same substance. Modafanil is actually a medication for narcolepsy and other vigilance disorders, which recently has been used as a 'smart-drug' for increasing readiness for Tests/Exams, for increasing reaction time, for enhancing math skills and for speeding up most memory processes. Now, while it hasn't been proven to increase intelligence per se, it has been proven to rapidly, and dramatically improve alertness in virtually everyone who takes it. Adrafanil, once ingested, converts into modafanil and modafanil then carries out most of it's alerting actions. Modafanil should be dosed at 100 mg to start, unless one is sensitive to stimulants, then 50 mg should be very gradually worked up to 100 mg and maybe 200 mg if necessary. Adrafanil should be dosed at 200 mg per day to start, gradually working up to 500-600 mg if necessary. Modafanil can be bought here @Napsgear, and Adrafanil can be bought at Ceretropic. Modafanil is pills, and adrafanil is powder.
  2. Korean Ginseng [4] [5] : Korean and Asian Ginseng (aka the ''Panax'' variety, panax ginseng) are among the most used supplements in the world. You probably recall them being spiked into Monster Energy Drinks, and that makes a good point, you aren't just getting the energy from the Caffeine but the complementary effects of Ginseng and Taurine which act as a fast ''pick-me-up''. Arizona Energy drinks, those cheap 99 cent drinks are spiked with Ginseng for energy, only the green and yellow ones labeled with it though. They are all popular, and for good reason. Ginseng works, it's proof is well-documented and well-liked in both providing energy and boosting alertness. It's also one of the cheapest supplements available, cheap and effective. Solgar & Barlowe's tend to be the highest quality and most cost-effective Ginseng brands.
  3. Caffeine [6] [7] : Now, in theory, Caffeine should have been second on this list, but so many people know about it that it wouldn't have made much of a surprise, plus, Ginseng tends to have more energizing qualities than Caffeine in many ways, if I could, I would rank them both on #2. Caffeine is the most reliable, cheap, and absolutely effective alertness booster on the planet. Only in that order though, it is reliable, it is cheap, and is an alertness booster. Is it stronger than modafanil and adrafanil? No. Does it do the job? Yes. There's no debating that, Caffeine will remain on this list and on everyone else's list, probably forever. ProLab & JetAlert are the most reliable brands.
  4. Piracetam [8] [9] : Piracetam is a true ''smart-drug'', it's uses and benefits have been proven time and time again, in both the aging and the young. Piracetam reliably improves memory, alertness, motivation and attention. It is the most commonly used memory-booster worldwide and has profound effects on mental well-being as it is taken. Long-term supplementation improves the integrity and health of multiple brain regions, improves nerve function in general, and may possess anti-depressant properties. I recommend Ceretropic's Piracetam.
  5. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine [10] [11] : N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, or NALT for short, is a efficiently absorbed ultra-potent version of the amino acid L-Tyrosine, which is used to increase brain dopamine levels. NALT is also a strong alertness booster, one that is lighter in nature compared to say, Caffeine and Modafanil, but one that substantially increases the effects and benefits of both of those drugs, one or the other. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine should be dosed at 350 mg once a day to start, then working up to 1000 mg (1 gram) or more per day. Do not exceed 1,500 MG of N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine in any one day. I recommend PowderCity's N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine.


  1. excuse me area-1255. What do you think of walking all day everyday, Like in treadmill desk, Almost with out rest and permament deprivation of sitting positions(perhaps for exception meditation), in matter of lowering high or excess GABA levels.

    1. Casual walking from morning to night to precise.

    2. I think walking all day is excessive, you could go on a binge once in a while and walk almost all day one or two days here and there, but doing this every day will cause too much stress or at least, will impair proper recovery and improperly use up the body's energy supply. :-)

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