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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 Fiendexxx, The Fiend Lord is the demonic alter ego of Phoenix MF Christ and encapsulates the apathetic, hedonistic, and self-destructive tendencies found throughout the collective consciousness of this nation's youth. He represents the disconnect from reality found through technology, drugs, and vapid, materialistic music. All in all they are an enigma to even their own creator, the darkest possible reaches of his [my] mind that seek to set themselves loose upon the porch of America's culture, slowly defacing the image we have of ourselves one piece at a time. The devil himself breaking the fourth wall of reality and unleashing upon mainstream society, to ensure we never again can crawl back into the darkness of ignorance, forced to now accept what we have done to ourselves, what monsters we have created, and forced to now take action in knowing thyselves.

Fiendexxx, also known as the Anti-Christ MC [with a philosophy], Triple X God, Drugly, Yung Spun, amongst other titles, is also a sex, drugs, and violence centric emcee, though the word rapper might be more fitting for this self-centered ego. All of the self-worship and strive for material wealth and possessions found in present day Hip-Hop is absorbed and made even more ridiculous than ever before with the depths Fiendexxx takes them to. The variety and amount of drug consumption references is taken to the extremes... the descriptions of sexual escapades being more graphic and disturbing than typically found in Hip-Hop... and the violence spewed being a eerie cross between cartoonish, out there depictions and real world tragedy.

The whole idea behind The Fiend Lord is to wake up the youth to the dark side found in all of us and to learn to work with it for the greater good as opposed to denying it and further putting ourselves in a deeper and deeper hole.

You can listen to my intial project "M!NDFry EP" at the following link

Stay spun, and stay drugly my anti-christs

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