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Monday, October 3, 2016

Do Girls Like Stubborn Guys? (Do Chicks Dig Stubborn Guys/Men?)

This question was submitted to me by Jose' C.

"Hey Area, I was wondering if you thought girls tend to like stubborn men in general, it always seems like in class or even at the park, that girls tend to flirt with the hard-headed stubborn types, do you Agree?"

Short Answer : Only if it is stubbornness expressed selectively, subtly, naturally and not in a complainant, child-like or immasculine manner. Consistent stubbornness is more likely to be accepted after the said person is already in a relationship, as then the stubbornness is understood at a deeper level by both parties.

Long Answer: Women and girls in general, have a natural inclination to socialize with anyone who is witty, charming and funny, stubbornness often is expressed in a way, that if not overly obvious, appears as assertive and masculine. Therefore, women tend to like a certain degree of stubbornness in a man, if it is expressed naturally, and not in a complainant, child-like manner. If in a relationship, the stubbornness is specific and related to the mans particular preferences at work, or with his work, then it is unlikely to interrupt a relationship unless the guy takes his frustration out on the girlfriend. 

It is my experience (listening to girls talk about a guy in their class, or their ex etc), and educated opinion, that women do not like angry loud-mouth `men` that have not truly grown up yet to form a mature mindset. 
Stubbornness is only attractive to some women. 
Again, when expressed subtly, naturally, and not to an extent where it is vocally unattractive, immasculine or absent of any direction (meaning, girls don't like non-selective stubbornness which appears for no reason, and causes issues with communication).

What women do like, is fluid, assertive, and witty conversation. When a man is unwilling to change certain attributes, and is without discussion on the matter, unwilling to open his mind whatsoever, this is typically an unattractive trait to almost all women. 

Lastly, stubbornness meaning one is unwilling to change a particular argument, or being very sure of himself, can have its benefits if directed at a common goal - it is possible to be stubborn together in a relationship, after all, and some stubborn minds work very well together. 

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