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Friday, October 28, 2016

Toxins / Drugs / Chemicals That Induce Psychosis / Psychotic States (Toxins & Drugs That Cause Acute/Chronic Psychosis)

Any drug that blocks glutamate-receptors can induce a Psychotic-state [1] [2], that means anything like DXM, to Ketamine, PCP, or even stuff like Benadryl which blocks histamine; therefore reducing extracellular glutamate levels [3], can induced Psychosis. 

In addition, toxins like Aluminum [4], Mercury [5], Lead [6] and Arsenic [7] can induce neurodegeneration and Psychotic symptoms when they accumulate over time. Even small quantities of these 'minerals' can be harmful to ones health and mental state [8] [9]

Strychnine, MK-801, Memantine and some other ''medical drugs'' can also induce Psychosis in healthy individuals even [10] [11] [12].

Likewise, other drugs that enhance glutamate, block serotonin, dopamine, or alter noradrenaline levels can alleviate or reduce Psychosis/Psychotic-symptoms [13] [14]

Types of delusions associated with glutamate-blocking agents include...

  1. Delusions of grandeur including that one can ''fly'' across buildings, has invincibility, immortal, superior to others, is a Deity or mythological king, and / or has abilities that ''no one else has'' [15] [16]. This is because blocking glutamate causes the brain's neurons to 'misfire' appropriately, and blocking glutamate tends to lead to a disproportionate increase in prefrontal activity, cortical neuron activity vs Posterior Cingulate activity  [17] [18].
  2. Persecutory delusions, the most common of which is that others are planning on, or are in process of, or will be, poisoning one intentionally, the subject in which experiences the delusions, or that one has 'agents' that are out to get them, wrongfully arrest them, kill them or poison them when caught. 
  3. Paranoid delusions; black-helicopters following them, camera's in light sockets, feels like one is trying to 'steal their ideas', their job, their mission, suspicion that a loved one, or friend, or old-acquaintance is trying to record, surveil or otherwise watch you. 

It is important to grasp that there are many different forms of delusions, and varying degrees of intensity, which may or may not be directly associated with ones general mental state. In many cases, psychotic symptoms subside when the offending chemical, toxin, or drug is withdrawn from the body or detoxified. Some cases may remain if in fact, persistent neurodegeneration has occurred, meaning, until the damage to the Brain is repaired, symptoms may linger.

Lastly, it is important to note the difference between Psychosis and obsessive-compulsive-thoughts or 'intrusive thoughts'.
  • Psychotic individuals actually believe the delusions, or can not escape them, or fear that the situation is constantly, or frequently impending, ready to happen, or is destined to target them.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCPD-related thoughts generally don't include specifically paranoid features, but when they do, the OCD-afflicted individual recognizes that the thoughts are unrealistic, does not believe them, but feels compelled to perform a compulsion or ritual to alleviate them. Generally, these individuals if symptoms of not extreme, are able to cope and focus in Public and when challenged by others, will acknowledge it is not a logical process of thought and that the intrusive thought process is more like something engaged in as a 'bad habit'.
Here is list of Psychosis-inducing Toxins/Drugs.
  1. PCP (Angel Dust; Supergrass, Tic Tac's) : Extreme paranoia, feeling like thoughts are being 'read', taken or stolen, induces a state of dissociation and detachment, induces subjective well-being but also a blunting of feeling in limbs, is an anesthetic, creates euphoria, grandiosity, dulls emotions, creates delusions of grandeur, feeling of invincibility and unlimited strength, causes suspicion of loved ones, even wives/husbands and parents, in some cases siblings.
  2. Ketamine (Special K, Vitamin K) : Induces sedation, euphoria, stimulation, alteration in sense of time, perception of speed of time, perception of height, can induce creative delusions (magical clocks, portals to other worlds, mystical superbeing within self) and substantially distorts ones sense of humor, personality, and trust of others. 
  3. Strychnine : This is both a drug and a substance naturally produced within the body, it is elevated in patients with schizophrenia, as well as manic-depressive-psychosis, it alters ion-transport and blocks glycine-receptors.
  4. DXM (Dextromethorphan) : Increases subjective sense of well-being, sensory input, sense of inner peace, emotional contentment, giggliness, euphoria, grandiosity, over-emphasis, youthful teenager like behavior including energetic mania, and can also cause paranoia, psychosis, true mania and delusions including 'bugs-under-skin' delusions aka delusional parasitosis. 
  5. Lead : Lead, chemical element Pb on the table of elements, is a prominent heavy metal that acts as an NMDA-glutamate antagonist/blocker, by doing this, and by binding strongly, Lead causes suppression of emotional capacity (by reducing glutamate), personality changes, antisocial behavior, delusions and often extreme aggression. It also induces cognitive impairment and increases risk of Parkinson's Disease (P.D) as well as Schizophrenia.
  6. Mercury : Mercury is a strong heavy metal, element Hg and plays a strong role in mental health state and is frequently elevated in states of Psychosis and progressive schizophrenia with increased severity of symptoms and / or treatment-resistant Psychotic episode.
  7. Arsenic : Arsenic induces oxidative stress, stops or significantly impairs cellular respiration/energy production and causes high blood pressure, internal bleeding, gut issues and in very high amounts, liver/kidney shut down, coma and death. Small amounts of arsenic in the body over time lead to hair loss, white marks (scratches) on nails inconsistent with nail coloring and not consistent with nail damage, and tends to cause Fatigue, headaches, feeling ill, not well, Psychotic, delirious, paranoid, nauseous and can also impair cognition/mood.
  8. Benadryl : Strong anti-histamines that also have anticholinergic effects have a higher risk than 'clean' antihistamines to cause Psychotic symptoms, and other mental health disturbances. Meaning, that benadryl due to it's 'extra' properties, has a higher propensity to cause psychosis because it is not purely an antihistamine.
  9. Riluzole : A glutamate-depleting agent that can cause Psychosis.
  10. Memantine : An Alzheimer's medication that typically takes a minimum of 3-5 weeks to confer any benefit. It can cause Psychosis or at the least, emotional detachment in susceptible individuals.

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