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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

An Important Note About This Blog (Area-1255 10/31/2017) (Additional Notes on New Fitness Blog 2017)

This write-up is a joined post between the two Admins of this Blog (AMx & Jason).

I often write about the intricacies of good health and the human condition. I often write about the importance of individual factors, levels of hormones etc. I often prioritize them according to the magnitude of bodily events in which they influence. I often stress that considering them can lead to a meaningful resolution to problems in life. 

For example:

Things like how your nervous system is functioning can influence the ability to dispel negative thoughts. A moderately stimulated nervous system could mean positive energy and thoughts, whereas a "depressed" nervous system or GABA-dominant nervous system can lead to negative/violent personality. 

But what I'd like to stress tonight is that ULTIMATELY, the major events in, and major priorities in life, such as major goals, are still the most important factors.

In quality of Life.

If we focus on little variables and "quantities" we may never have full control of our life, because we are stuck on bits of information and statistics.

So this post tonight is to assure readers that our intention in these posts relating to health is NOT to encourage an obsession but rather to encourage THOUGHT in addition to Goals; not as a replacement for them!

We want our readers to become knowledgeable, but still ENJOY LIFE.

So - therefore, if you have a dream - Go for it.

Make your dreams and imaginations a reality.

Do not get stuck forever on various health concepts.

Employ them as TOOLS, not absolutes.

Bring them to fruition in homeostasis - as feedback but in equilibrium so that DAILY thought is not disturbed.

So that work is not disturbed.

So that SLEEP is not disturbed.

Take these concepts carefully.

And go on with life.

With meaning.

With intent.

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