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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Updated Rules for Area-1255 VIP Subscribers. (Rules for/of Area1255)

We have updated our "Rules" section for Area-1255 VIP Subscribers and to-be Subscribers.
We do not bar any users from any countries in specific. We do not take up practices that other underground sites embrace in the same way. Therefore, we do not disallow members because of their country of origin. However, these rules are added to the Current list of VIP rules (displayed on VIP front home page).

  • We do not allow Members who have shown themselves to be "problems" or betrayers on other networks.
  • We do not accept known Charge-back Members of related sites. 
  • We do not accept members who are associated with the troll network Deeds. 
  • We do not accept members have prior violated associated site guidelines on a Level 1 Infraction.
  • We do not accept members to whose sided loyalties are publicized in a foolish manner.

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