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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Energy of 10/25/2017 (What is up with October 25, 2017?)

There has been much discussion on Social Media about the Energy that seems to be vibrating today. Indeed - it is a day of change - 10-25-2017, a wave of will's and ultimate decisions that will forever shape the destiny of chosen individuals. Some will remain unhinged, trapped or negative. Others seem to be experiencing Insomnia, and then there are some invigorated by today's Energy.

I don't usually make these pseudo-astrological posts but I feel its worth mentioning that is something "odd" about today. In that I feel anything can transform and be rendered a reality. 

What you choose to make of it? That will be for that respective person to decide.

However I'm going to - as usual - be straightforward and productive.

That - and make sure I gain all that shall be.

I almost feel as though I could transform into God himself today. There is no limit to the Energy that creates new realities. Though - in sustained mental awareness that could be Good or Bad. I guess its time decide which one. Fear should not be a writer of my decisions though. It shall not, never has and never will dictate my actions - nor take any measurable toll on my Life beyond what can be expected to be resolved.

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