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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Potential Drawbacks of being Tyrannical (Disadvantages of being Tyrannical)

Another interesting question  e-mailed to me today, and one which actually became a very nice conversation. However, so others can read this without bias and without getting confused. I am only posting the first part;  that is the answer to the question "What are the potential drawbacks or disadvantages of being Tyrannical". 

Now - one thing I've encountered on social media and also Quora are a handful of people who seem to  think that the word "Ruthless" is somehow synonymous with "Tyrannical". However,  ruthless  refers to a general lack of compassion to which is not interrupted and is seemingly continuous (expressed toward many) and Tyrannical reflects a certain type of Leader, whether that be the founder or Admin or a business. It could be a President. It could be a high-up in a security  or banking firm. 

TYRANNICAL describes those qualities of being.....

  • Cruel.
  • Exercising power over others by unjust tactics.
  • Being extremely oppressive or controlling; and this quality typically extend to almost all peoples the individual might meet.
  • Being relentlessly fierce toward any opposition, so that the only goal is to reinforce the self (as the King or Leader).
  • Being oppressive (in a Governmental context) and using ruthless qualities to reinforce the fear on the lower levels.

So what could be the drawbacks of this situation, for anyone?

1.) Making so many enemies that it makes it hard to keep track of them all.

This often leads to underestimation of people's desperation and the resources *others* might  have either at their disposal or in  a last ditch effort (such as calling upon a distant family member for lawyer fee's or to deface your website).

2.) Even the most powerful leaders typically have people that they care  about.....

Therefore, even if that leader is "invulnerable" then the next-best targets so that in whom the  tyrannical person has harmed can get Justice are those the Tyrannical person cares about (if any).
The tyrannical person may or may not have enough resources to secure his own leadership or position - but not everyone on his side  will have the same security.

3.) Some light-hearted groups will reject the person and reduce support for the person.

This may not always be a bad thing, but the last Presidential election pretty much became a great example of this. All of the candidates had their own style and though none of them strictly tyrannical, some had similar qualities. Those  who were seen as having those qualities were  shunned by important groups (like the NRA) who could have otherwise provided a strong edge in the final voting stages.

4.) Tyrannicalism must employ a healthy degree of Paranoia to survive.

One concept of Tyrannical behavior states that the only tyrannical peoples who make it high up are those who are supremely aware of all peoples in and out of their circle - a degree of Paranoia is almost necessary so that potential exploiters or those who would give the  person a "bad name" are eliminated from the possibility of doing so. Unfortunately, this outlook often taints the overall mental health of the person unless their resilience can overcome  it. Even so, in 20-30 years this "wear and tear" on the mind can take its own separate inevitable toll.

5.) Obsessive Perfectionism may put off future support.

If Greed is too obvious, future supporters of the person or company (which includes potential customers) will likely turn their mind (and money) to  those they deem to be more stable. Therefore the only surviving tyrannical is someone who generally keeps a low-profile in Public or at least balances it with perceived empathy. The objectives of a mad-man are never clear but  someone who is tyrannical has inclinations that become obvious with time. Unless a perfect mask is worn - this may eventually lead to troubles within self-founded and non-self-initiating campaigns and communities. Lastly, not one leader who has take it upon himself to correct every situation without using his own close-by resources has been successful 100% of the time -  but it is a tempting collision of interests which leads to a reduction in the self-preservation instinct. By losing any degree of self-preservation, one loses the ability to lead - and even for a moment, this can be dangerous. 

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