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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Best Anabolic Compound for Newbies 2017 (Best AAS/Prohormone for Beginners 2017)

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A lot of discussions have come up recently regarding the "proper" anabolic compound for Newbie's. Many who ask are just-graduating Seniors and some in their early 20's. While I can't specifically recommend any anabolic compound to this age group I can say that any introduction to steroidal anabolic compounds in ANY group of newbie's should be done delicately...with plenty of research.

Anabolic compounds, both including Prohormones and Anabolic steroids are not to be taken lightly. For many reasons including safety - we strongly advise all readers to read this PubMed report regarding anabolic steroid risks to closely examine worst possible situations; such as Hypertension, Heart Enlargement and liver issues with high doses or harsh compounds.

Now for the research.

1.) Because this report aims to define a newbie-friendly anabolic compound, this will be a less drawn out article. 

2.) Typically oral compounds like Anavar are the most newbie friendly [1], and Testosterone Enanthate is a staple of any anabolic regimen - with a very good safety profile [2] for all users. Remember that any anabolic-regimen should be decided upon by evaluating personal tendencies and health status.

3.) Reading up on Testosterone-esters such as with this article would be a good idea and will help you get acquainted with the core differences between one like compound to another. Our bodies will metabolize some chemicals differently, so it is key to understand how to combine "slow-acting" compounds with "long-acting" steroids/compounds. 

4.) All newbie's visiting this page should IMMEDIATELY read about PCT-cycles - this is incredibly important and can not be skipped without the risk of probable harm to Fertility and mental well-being. A PCT cycle is needed to restore natural Testosterone production after the anabolic cycle has ended [3].

5.) Using harsher compounds such as Deca or Tren is not recommended for newbies, these compounds can aggravate pre-existing anxiety disorders and elevate blood pressure - they also require a much more complex Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) therefore until bodily sensitivity to "lighter" compounds is assessed - moving on to these compounds right away would be foolish.

*****A larger example of why not to move to Deca and Tren right away, is, although they are more effective at packing on muscle mass [4] they also have a propensity to throw other hormones off [5] in ways that Testosterone, Anavar and Anadrol and the likes do not.*****

Anabolic-Steroid Interactions with Medicinal & Psychiatric Drugs

"If you fail to see, you fail to gain"
"If you fail to understand you fail to maintain"

These are good quotes to remember and they describe the case the perfectly for the "other risks" associated with anabolic compounds. There is not a likely chance that anabolic-steroids or related compounds will have direct interactions with a lot of drugs. However, because of their site-specific and systemic effects - anything that works in a similar direction could potentially interact with AAS.

Examples include...

  • Diabetes medications (since both alter Insulin) [6].
  • Blood thinners (anticoagulants) [7].
  • Very High-dose Caffeine (400mg +) (more so with higher doses of Test) [8]
  • Fat burners like Yohimbine. [9]
  • Cholesterol medications. [10]
*With Caffeine in particular there is LESS of a risk than other interactions - ONLY with particularly high doses that in itself would affect heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) would the risk between interactions with Anabolic-steroids and Caffeine become relevant. It should be noted this happens in a relatively small number of people.*


I stress again the importance of a proper PCT for all newbies engaged in anabolic steroid cycles. if you are unsure and do not know who to trust (for sure) in the Bodybuilding community - sign up for a Meso account at - and send Michael Scally M.D a message or Dr.Jim. They both have incredible knowledge on the topic and can further advise you. 

Another good forum to find information on this topic is - to which I am a well-known Member.

We can give basics on PCT regimens here but each cycle is unique and will require a PCT tailored in proportion to the relative "harshness" of that cycle on the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular-axis).

The reason why we bring up mental health, is particularly younger users who may have more neuron activity - may be in some cases, more susceptible to the particularly post-cycle complaints (which occur after the compounds are finished). 

These side-effects occur when a PCT regimen is not followed correctly and can include.....

  • Depression.
  • Low Energy.
  • Apathy.
  • Low Motivation.
  • Loss of Confidence/Vigor.
  • Decreased appetite/anorexia.
  • Anxiety.
  • Despair.
  • Anger/Agitation.
  • Abnormal emotional expression (lability associated with low Testosterone).
"Beginners are constantly being taunted in the anabolic steroid community, if not verbally then by impure products, the only Win in that war is to trust a good vendor and move forward"

As such I believe this is a major issue in the anabolic steroid community - well, moreso the marketplace, there are simply too many vendors and too much variability in quality. That is why ONLY trusted vendors which produce lab-results (HPLC/NMR/COA) are to be purchased from. And can be done so with ease. Please note that vendors such as the one listed below only accept WU (Western Union), MoneyGram (MG) and Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin (BTC).

Anabolic Steroid Store/Information Page --> Naps Gear VIP Page.


  • Western Union (WU) : Typically entails going to a Tops International or sometimes a Walgreens or 7-11 will have the Customer Service desk open to international wire transfer by Western Union. You may need an ID if you are sending larger amounts (or in general depending on where you live).
  • MoneyGram (MG) : Like Western Union but seems to be more ubiquitous in the USA and therefore present at more stores (including Wegmans etc).
  • BitCoin (BTC) : Probably the safest option, you can download a wallet from the app store (just look for Breadwallet on iOS; my preferred wallet as well) and you can use Mycellium for Android. Then just add your funds, here is a nice guide to converting cash into BitCoin currency.

Whether you are running a high-Test cycle or are mixing various compounds, BLOODWORK is essential. Aromatase Inhibitors and SERMs are also essential. If you skip out on this information, your future will haunt you.

  1. You want to check your Testosterone levels BEFORE a cycle to know your baseline, but also - if they are bottom of the range (even if normal) you may be more prone to withdrawal side-effects and perhaps require a lengthier PCT.
  2. Having a set of numbers to reference is a good idea. In the first few days, but depending on the esters used, Total Testosterone of :1300 ng/dl - 2000 ng/dl is a good goal. But ideally, up to 2500 ng/dl or (preferably) way more is the ultimate goal. Read this thread for more information and experienced Pro-bodybuilder user accounts. Note that some users require 5000-9000 ng/dl for MASSIVE gains. However at this level, more side-effects will DEFINITELY be noted.
  3. Using Arimidex at .25 mg  to 0.5mg per day [!] or EOD if its a modest cycle can provide great benefit in reducing Estrogen levels and maximizing anabolic hormones. There's a delicate balance, though, and too much can be as bad or worse than not enough.
  4. Letrozole may be required for harsher compounds/cycles.
  5. If you get ACHING Joints, too much pissing/water loss and serious fatigue then you probably decreased your Estrogen too much. Other signs of low estrogen (E2) in Men include; decreased Insulin-Growth-Factor levels and "flat" muscles, or no pump during workout, low libido and possibly reduced bone density.

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