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Sunday, December 17, 2017

How to Cure Paranoia (5 Supplements/Methods to Treat Paranoia Naturally)

Paranoia is a general suspicion or mistrust of others; which can be also narrowly defined as the inability to connect with others emotionally, due to a suspicion of others motives [1]. However, Paranoia can come in many forms and is not always a 'general' occurrence [2]. Some people have very specific forms of Paranoia which do not constitute a biological "mental illness" in the traditional sense, but rather are incorporated into a person's pattern of thinking in a non-intense matter - what would be referred to a Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) [3].

People who have Paranoid traits without any other Psychotic trait still often have immense difficulty forming bonds, emotional connections and in their interpersonal life. Problems with communicating to Spouses, loved ones and family friends are common [4]. In which case, this constitutes a genuine issue which should be resolved promptly; in order to restore normal thinking and quality of life [5].

Doctor's generally prescribe anti-psychotic medication to treat Paranoia [6], however this does not address the root cause.
There is a decent amount of research showing that an enzyme called Dopamine-beta-hydroxylase [7] is overactive in paranoids, which causes low dopamine and high norepinephrine [8]. It is (generally) the norepinephrine that causes paranoia, not the dopamine [9] although they can both play similar roles depending on the persons overall mental state and personality [10].

The best idea would be to (first), get a blood/urine test (24 hours) to check for.

  • Metanephrine/Normetanephrine
  • HVA
  • MHPG
  • Epinephrine (adrenaline).

Go over these methods WITH A DOCTOR/PSYCHIATRIST Before buying/using them!!!

  • Take St.John’s Wort (with a Doctor’s supervision) [!].
  • Take Zinc & Vitamin C daily + Folate to reduce DBH [!].
  • Look into Sarcosine to balance out what is called “glutamate”. [!]
  • Find ways to relieve stress and reduce norepinephrine release [!].
  • Do things like meditation which might calm you down and thereby reducing the “stress” hormones norepinephrine/epinephrine (that is what they are!) [!].
Ultimately, Paranoia much of it comes back to Stress Hormones and / or General hormone imbalance!

~!~Jason De'Russo~!~

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  2. You could add in L-Carnosine, which is a known DBH inhibitor!

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  4. References - Paul, S., n.d. Testogen Research Studies: Benefits, Side Effects Guide! [WWW Document]. ie. Testosterone Official. URL (accessed 10.29.18).


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