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Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Dietary Causes of Anxiety - Which foods can worsen anxiety and anxiety disorders?

Can a poor diet cause anxiety?

Absolutely, and it is one of the most overlooked causes of anxiety of all sorts; including both social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, "poor diet" is a very broad term.

What is a poor diet?  

::::::::::::::Well in the case of anxiety, it's usually an imbalanced diet.::::::::::::::

One that often includes too much cheese (a tyramine containing food), too much copper (as in excessive grains, beans and not enough fruits and vegetables), not enough protein, or too much protein coming from dairy sources are all causes of anxiety. 

Too much calcium can cause anxiety but causing what is called an "overmethylated state" - which ultimately results in an overstimulated nervous system. NOW, calcium itself is often referred to as a tranquilizing mineral - and in small amounts or moderate amounts this is true - but excessive amounts result in the opposite effect - again, due to actions on methylation which occurs at the liver.

Well here's a bulleted list of foods or diets that may cause anxiety.

  • Too much dairy, or cheese intake - namely cheddar cheese.
  • Pea protein over use, as it contains high levels of glutamic acid.
  • Too much whey protein - especially if not getting protein from other sources.
  • Too much calcium, and not enough vitamin C; not enough fruits and vegetables.
  • Soy intake, soy only diets.
  • Estrogen containing foods, too much meat, too many smoked / fried foods.
  • Fast-food, ramen noodles, anything containing "MonosodiumGlutamate" which can certainly cause or worsen anxiety.
  • Too much candy, carbohydrates, pasta, sugar, chocalate and anything else that can cause INSULIN DOMINANCE.
  • Drinking TAP WATER; not exactly food - but the copper and heavy metals in tap water can certainly contribute, and also TUNA - TOO MUCH CAN CAUSE MERCURY TOXICITY !

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