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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Area-1255's Kepard VPN Review


Tonight I am getting around to review Kepard; a fairly popular VPN program that supports both OpenVPN and PPTP, as well as LT2P connections. 
                            I only used it on Windows and Android .

Let me first describe the program, it's quite unique. 

After visiting the website, you will proceed to create an account and download the program setup which will be named "kepardsetup.exe".

If you are using an android, you can easily search it in the google play store. 

After installation , which is usually pretty quick, a shortcut will be created for windows and the same for android.

After opening the program you will see a please wait screen and then a sign-up screen. Enter your details to set up an account, and then you can proceed to log-in and start a VPN Connection. 

The kepard interface / design is simple, but unique. They really went out of their way to make their program stand out, but yet be simple enough to use without being prompted to go through a bunch of different settings.

I am particularly impressed, given that it is an external program, and doesn't use OpenVPN's classic terminal screen to open - that it's load time after recruiting the protocol is so quick. 

The log-in and connection is generally quick , although a couple times , well after signing up, I have gotten connection errors...

At times you might have to click cancel and then just attempt to connect to a different IP.


I was very impressed with how quick customer service was to respond, usually either within a few minutes or a half hour at the very most. They are very prompt to try and figure what the issue might be, say if you can't connect or a certain server isn't working. 

There are of course downtimes for certain servers, but they don't happen that often. 

I did run into a "connection error" screen a couple times - and in that case one of two things would resolve the issue.

1.) Cancelling and attempting to connect to a different IP or server.
2.) Only had to do this once; close out of the program or end the task and re-start it. 

I didn't have any other issues with Kepard other than the above.


KEPARD has very fast servers, and every country is nearly equivalent in speed, downloads are all very quick - providing you have a fast internet connection - but this program is by no means a hindrance to any download, and I never got any failed downloads that I got with some of the other programs.


There are no additional plug-ins needed, as long as you are connected in the kepard program, you don't have to adjust any settings separately inside the instant messenger settings. Kepard automatically encrypts all connections,  this includes external applications of all kinds.


With a few servers, for whatever reason , specifically the 192.XX servers in USA and a couple of the 66.X IPs, youtube videos wouldn't load, though with every single other server (about 97% of them) there were no issues, this may have been exclusive to the protocol I was using (OpenVPN) though.


Kepard does keep logs for three days, but that is because of mandatory procedure and a correct terms of service policy - and should not be frowned upon. If you are using it for basic tasks and not malicious activities - you have nothing to worry about . The encryption is stable and very secure, and can be used to bypass firewalls and filters as well as prevent monitoring or sniffing of your internet activities - by effectively encrypting all traffic - making the traffic and requests from and to your computer undecipherable by outside sources. 

They use a powerful NAT Firewall so it would make it nearly impossible for someone to hack you while you are using their VPN - as the attacker would have to pass through their firewall first.

ENCRYPTION :  Up to 256 bits.

                                    COUNTRY SELECTION

USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada , United Kingdom 

                            PREMIUM VPN PRICE

7 $ gets you a month of service with all IPs included, they accept all regular payments; credit card, paypal etc

Very good deal given the speed and wide range of countries and IPs.

Kepard - Premium VPN Service


  1. I always suggest every android, computer or other use this vpn..
    vpn no logs

  2. Well, I thought service had improved as well since they upgraded their software. Now you just pick a country and you connect to the best server available I have used it maybe three times this month but today was impossible. Of the 12 servers in Canada, only 2 were functioning at high capacity. I could not connect at all. When I talked to them, I got the same old bs about tap and restarting your computer.
    If you want a vpn that works like a coin toss and is cheap and unreliable this is the one for you. I can’t wait until my contract expires.

    Ashley Jones
    Deep Web

  3. Signed up this week, US$36 per year, cheap! speed is cheap as well, on an open wifi my download speed is about 1mb per sec {country Qld calls this good} while my download was still running I used Nordvpn to connect to some close servers, speed dropped to about 34kbs, a different server was 56kbs, a UK server was 87kbs, back to open wifi speed back up to 894kbs, support just said “try and find a good server” ! in other words support is crap, money back guarantee is ONLY if it can be proved if the problem is their fault, good luck with that chore, today all the standard vpn servers are off line, what are we paying for, stay away from this mob.

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