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Sunday, November 16, 2014

An Analysis of Why God Objects to, Warns Against or discourages "SIN" - What is Sin and What Does it Really mean?

"I find there is ONE truth, one consistency ......laying the reason why God advises against sin....and that is this ; SIN encourages INSUFFICIENCY - anything you do fleshly tends to encourage insufficiency, or what you enjoy on earth - everything becomes like a drug - and that is the issue with addition to some things being unhealthy - God is the only wonder that can bring FULLNESS and sufficiency, anything else , although may be forgiven, leads to doesn't mean that you will be condemned for it right away - or maybe some never..depending on what it is..but AT THE VERY LEAST...understand it's not just Guidelines from GOD without a reason - he discourages sin because one tends to lead to another because of the feeling of insufficiency, or one moment of sufficiency is only ONE MOMENT, so one moment of pleasure but then whatever that pleasure is then re-craven, and that's the point..if you have sufficiency then technically you will be alright , so as long as you know the time table and are not going overboard - but not many know this much..nor the deep reasons .....behind all given rules or examples..something that Solomon and some others have known the secrets to."

In addition, and of course the above is highly generalized - but I would say that one should account for the origins that give perfect clarity to the dispersal and divisions between the two spiritual entities that exist here on Earth, you are either twisted, running or blinded whilst with the dark one - or you are on the path God intended you for - which is holy, pure, enlightened and full of warmth and Godly vigor. Sin is , something fully opposite than the nature of God, and generally not only encourages insufficiency but is also terribly UNPRODUCTIVE. 

Faith and the striving for purity, also come with a set of guidelines, and these together ENCOURAGE a STABLE PERSONALITY.

Sinfulness generally encourages a lack of analytical behavior - or one that doesn't strive for knowledge but only lives in the moment, and this itself isn't bad - but in replacement of long-term productivity , and instead of following a calling much more than yourself alone - you short-change and underplay your abilities - leading to a very disrupted, and clouded future. 

Some other good points I have internalized...

  • There will always be good knights, people who are self-less, and people who are primarily working to better themselves, and there will be vain, evildoers, narcissists and other deviant or straying personalities. 
  • By being in SIN - you truly have not found your place, nor WHAT SIDE you intend to fight for. Or you disregard acts of goodness, and you feel no need for the honourable traits that come from the holy Word itself.You are probably undecided, or stuck in the middle, you are put between two obstacles and constantly disappointed, because the guidelines appointed for your cause are rejected.
  • You figure not "living it up" is foolish or undesirable - but the reality is that a reckless lifestyle may impair more than just your soul - but also your ultimate progression - you aren't UNLOCKING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL, if you haven't explored more than just enjoying the moment..!
  • You aren't supposed to lock in fear, but only enjoying the moment may set you up for trouble, depending on what exactly you are doing - and this trouble may cause you to lose hope - or linger in disestablishment, or in constant worry ......
  • You shouldn't let fear predominate in your mind, heart or soul - but you also should be cautious and vigilant - at the same time - it's fine to enjoy activities, but do not let a deceitful self take hold - and see forward enough to know all of the possibilities - have insight, do not let your stubbornness remove your insight - nor let it cause you to become vain.
  • Having a severed will power is horrible, being vainly willful is disrupting, but of the two - which is worse? I would say depending on the time, generally a vain but strong willpower is actually better - because it may at least lead you to realize things - even if you don't look back on them til later in your life.......therefore, continue as you go , but know that you may be judged and also that your fragments may die for nothing - if long-term greatness is not sought nor realized.
  • Coincidences ought to not be obsessed on, but not completely disregarded, a reckless nature tends to avert the intimate details that otherwise may have allowed you to become something greater. 
  • Do all things in wisdom ad hope, and God sais to enjoy the days of your youth, but to be aware that everything you do will be judged, so therefore you should try to find a balance - and at the very least, have insight and pursue a long-term goal. 
  • EVENTUALLY God's knowledge becomes integral as you see the real nature of people and humanity become transparent and more overt in times of trouble and chaos, which is coming very soon!
  • The hearts will be tested soon, this is inevitable.

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