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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Official Re-Introduction : Who is Area-1255 : What We Do

Welcome to Area-1255's Re-Introduction page, 

This is an updated summary of what we do, and who we are since the last time we had a bit of a disposition.-

First, I'd like to take a moment to show you this video, which speaks volume about who we as Area-1255 are. 

This clearly does us the justice of explaining it in a well, catchy and innovative way. 

It was designed by one of my writer's a while ago, hopefully we will have a new finalized one soon with all the updated information.

To sum things up briefly, we are a small group of writers; 11 to be exact, who aim to inform, write reviews, discuss philosophies, and arouse the human eye. Maybe even the third eye.

  • We discuss psychology, and specifically promoting a positive psychological output. We encourage people with the stories we bring, of which are often real testimonials - never third party. 
  • We aim to promote spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual stability, and we also make an effort to define the correlations between neurochemistry and spirituality. Proving that science indeed, really shows the existence of the higher power and our ability to connect to him, and how the pineal gland is involved in this, as well as our state of health - and most importantly - mindset.
  • We also aim to invoke a sense of open-mindedness, and to destroy the notion that generalizations are in any way correct, and that individuality has been long forgotten. 
  • We aim to restore a sense of nobility through our writing, while teaching others how to improve their health through natural means.
  • As such, we generally promote natural healing methods and go much further in depth, digging up the studies that will directly relate to and justify that the traditional method of healing is very effective, and should never be discarded.
  • We also have discussions on pharmacological remedies, and we discuss the downsides of many drugs.
  • We dig into complex thoughts, and detail is immersed within our writing.
  • We write supplement reviews, and reviews on technological products, services, virtual goods, security tools and other items.
  • We all have our own sense of enthusiasm, and hope to emanate that same enthusiasm, and even humor to those who need a lift in their day. ;)

I plan to update this summary as time goes on.

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