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Sunday, November 16, 2014

10 Firm Rules for Dealing with BP/BackPages "Escorts" - Common Sense and Caution For the Unaware (How to find Escorts/Prostitutes Online)

I'm not going to be too critical here, but I can't fathom how people can't understand these simple precepts, which are largely common sense or things that, as men, we pick up on as a normal process of learning. 

If you sit back and observe, you should already pick up and internalize vital knowledge that goes a long way in understanding how to deal with these escorts.

Anyhow, 10 things you all should know, if you don't already. ;)

1.) Be careful of girls WITHOUT reviews, such as reviews on ECCIE - it makes more sense to deal with an escort who has reviews - than one who just started and doesn't have any background or history in the area. 
Most can be found pretty easily by looking at their description page, and many of them will mention that they have reviews in their description, in which case, simply do a google search in the following format.

"{escort name here} {city name here} (state) ("ECCIE") [phone number with area code] reviews"

So here's an example, say you are in the DALLAS, Texas area -  and here's this girl "LYRIC" and her AD; what a name , I know....

Now perform the following formatted search, this one I happened to find by NOT putting the phone number in.

"Lyric dallas texas backpages review ECCIE"


Then in her review, or any escort review on there you will get a page like this.

These reviews are nice, organized, fancy ways of figuring out what the girl in question is like, whether they are generally recommended, or not so much...

Under activities you will see the jargon/lingo/acronyms for the activities performed, not always sexual.

A few of the common ones.  
** C  in front of anything means covered; with a condom**

  • CBJ ; Covered Blow Job 
  • CFS ; Covered full service; full sexual intercourse, with a condom.
  • BBBJ; Bareback blow job; no condom.
  • BBFS; Bare back full service, aka no careful.
  • BBBJNQNS; bare back blow job no quit no spit (aka she swallows)
  • Mish ; missionary position.
  • Doggy ; quite obvious , doggy style...... 
  • 69 ; very obvious, 69 position; oral on both , inverted . 
  • COF: Cum on Face
  • GFE : GirlFriend Experience (girl acts as girlfriend; mimicking or engaging in emotional connections and scenarios wherein would parallel the role of a GF)

2.) Do not contact an escort from your own phone, use a throwaway or a textfree number, preferably through a VPN.
This way you don't have to worry about law enforcement *on this end*.

3.) Do not reveal your name and personal information, things are supposed to be called for as "discreet" - and this is mutually beneficial for both of you. (If you do give her a 'name', give her a fake one, but one you are comfortable referring to)

4.) Always look for personality changes, if something in the girl's tone, voice, or texts (many of them do not text) seems off or different than what were described in her reviews, then stay vigilant - it could mean they have come into contact with law enforcement, or some other issue - either way IF THE GIRL IS NOT INTO IT AND IS LOSING ENTHUSIASM, IT'S A WASTE OF TIME...!

5.) Stay away from the ones who use drugs, or tread carefully - their situation tends to fluctuate in an unstable manner - and could end you and her both up in jail.....or worse.

6.) This one; DO NOT FORM EMOTIONAL BONDS WITH ESCORTS (don't know why anyone would, other than the weak hearted fools).

7.) Scan their surrounding area, make sure there are no cops at the place you are meeting her, and most of all - tread carefully and / or do not bring her to your own place ----- you just never know. Do not reveal your home location, always use a motel room or some other similar rented room. 

8.) Other common sense factors.
Using a condom is advisable for
most of these chicks, if not all - in addition follow other normal rules and guidelines...obviously you don't want to catch anything from a one-time thing.... :D  At all for that matter.

9.) Trend away from the cheap ones, 40$ and under are usually a sign of desperation, especially in ghetto areas...and some of them have pimps.

10.) Be aware of bait and switch, where one girl is displayed in the ad and instead you meet another one, or the girl suggests you deal with her "friend" instead - be careful of all scenarios and good luck and happy hunting . ;)


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    1. I appreciate your kind words my friend. The article was written mainly for the Newbie's and in general; the Clients...I will probably be writing a follow-up/expansion article to elaborate on some of the latter points. Also your link isn't working, not really sure what it is about my guess is it's a mirror site or Aussy girl?

      Please refer friends to this article. :)

  2. I can tell ya this is pretty accurate! One thing I would add as a "pro" in that area...(might be a provider) NO HAND TO HAND EXCHANGE OF CASH!!! PUT DONATION ON TABLE!!!

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