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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Area-1255's Independent, Official, "SpoofCard" Review - And A comparison in Spoof Technologies

SpoofCard Caller ID Spoofing

Well we are , another review on a controversial but yet very solid product. 

~The famous "SPOOFCARD"~

Before I get to all the technical stuff, I am going to elaborate on what spoofcard is.

For those of you who don't know (shouldn't be too many, in theory) spoofcard is a type of calling card - in which you can change your caller ID to whatever number you want. This includes the changing of area code's, you can't however make phone calls spoofing your number as "911" or other specialized emergency personnel numbers. You CAN spoof your number as a police station, but I don't necessarily recommend doing this , nor any activity that can get you into trouble. 

Spoofcard has come along way over the years, religiously updating their graphics on their website, their plug-in usability, and producing apps for the android and iPhone (SpoofApp) - which allows one to make the calls from their phone without dialing the calling code directly simply generates the call based on what you put in to the app - as opposed to calling the 866/800 number , entering your PIN etc

You have the ability with the mobile apps to generate the call in an easier and more custom fashion. 

Now let's move on to determine the worthiness of spoofcard, even though you should already know the answer.

The benefits of spoof card are many, some of their unique features are.

  • The ability to put background noises in while on the call. Such as airport noises, police sirens and a club / rave style noise.
  • International Spoofing!
  • A very advanced graphical site, with multiple methods of logging in ; such as by PIN, by facebook or by your unique user name/e-mail and password.
  • An incredibly secure and encrypted web form for ordering, with always the latest security technology.
  • The ability to record calls, with a unique & customizable call log list.
  • A multitude of plans, and an eager but professional customer service line.
  • Customer service that is above par in every way, and your questions will be answered immediately when using the web form chat.

  • Custom Caller ID; like Santa Claus on holidays. 
  • The ability to call someone with their own number, and access voicemail when not on your own cellphone.
  • Security and encryption while speaking of sensitive information over the phone. 
  • A unique way for business's that are newly opened , to prevent risking vital numbers to be exposed to the wrong people. A serious backup plan and investment strategy.
  • The ability to disguise your voice, and securely make a phone call.


Didn't find any, maybe a couple times where it took a little longer to load up the in web apps, but this is to be expected given the advancement in their technologies.


1.) Give it a few extra seconds; up to 20 seconds even after it sais it's done loading.
2.) If the above fails, try to disabling ad-block for that site only, or altogether for the moment.
3.) Use google chrome instead of Internet Explorer or firefox.

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