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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Powerful Instrumentals of 2014-2015; Lighting the Prodigal Candle in the Darkness of the Modern Days; An Indigo Child Speaks

Out of the new and upcoming artists of the modern age, Louis Edward Francis David Michael Mills is certainly aspiring to give a glow to these ever transcendent times. His instrumentals are traditional and yet can adapt to the new age as well. They are diverse and well-crafted. 

I can see that his talent is certainly expanding, he is an intellectual with the aura of an Indigo Child; I was not only impressed by his musical talent, but also by his general knowledge and retention of such knowledge, as well as his Insight and his role as a valid and charismatic empath (concern for nature and humanity) - all very rare traits in today's world.

Being able to connect with nature and humanity itself is rare, but aside from that, the music is subtle enough to allow for deep thought, without being too noisy. 

Some of it would remind you of 80's or 90's music, such as at a play or playing outside of or in a restaurant. Whereas some of it certainly is more new age. Some could sorta pass for a type of country music instrumental...

"GEETAR" notably had a country air to it, whereas "VOILA" sounded similar to 80's instrumentals.  These are just two examples, I won't spoil it for ya. 

MEMORIUM is a special song on the full album you will see why when you get it. 

I would definitely recommend checking out his work.  
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