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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Is Estrogen (Aromatization) Really needed for Libido / Sexual Function in Man? ~Thorough Analysis Given~ {Area-1255}

This, my friends, is where the peddles start turning and the roads start changing, this is where answers are discovered and "BRO-SCIENCE" and "SHO-SCIENCE" are cast aside into the water!

I'm about to burst your bubble, but first, I'm going to shake it up a bit. 

An excerpt from the book "Male Sexual Dysfunction: Pathophysiology and Treatment" had given me particular and factual enlightenment on something I always suspected - ESTROGEN; including that aromatized by and from testosterone - is NOT   needed for libido or for sexual "functioning" - in the HUMAN MALE at least. 

Then of course you are going to attempt and riddle me with the 'ol, "WELL THEN WHY DO AROMATASE INHIBITORS AT HIGH DOSES KILL MY LIBIDO" .

I'd like to hand you a hat and some nice new shoes for being so straightforward, but first, put some really sharp reading glasses on cus you're gonna be busy. 

Alright, that was just for some enthusiasm. Let me tell you , I would like to believe everything is so simple, but with science it almost never is. It's a mere coincidence in a way that AI's cause loss of libido  - but in many cases , it would seem that there are a number of factors involved in Aromatase Inhibitor induced loss of libido.

Ranging from pharmacodynamic differences; CYP binding and all the way to the other side of the wall where some AI's are also noted to be dual DHT-inhibitors(!)(!).

Additionally, many people try to auto-classify ZINC as an aromatase inhibitor, YES, it does inhibit aromatase - but is not purely so, an AI in the classical sense nor literal - and it inhibits DHT a great deal if used at above RDA/Normal sup concentrations!

Point is , if ya aren't deficient - there is no need to go much higher than 20 mg of zinc per day!!!

According to the study below, DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE is the only hormone truly needed for male sexual function.

Here's yet another one showing it can be done without aromatization, specifically, in this case, and estrogen receptor antagonist AND aromatase inhibitor were employed and still, with the DHT-treatment, all sexual function parameter's were increased.

However, I suspect it to be much more complicated than all of this - for SURELY there must be something to the low estrogen and low libido link after so many other studies have confirmed it??


This leads me to see into other factors, including what was first proclaimed as the proposed mechanism by which estrogen can EVEN EXERT some effect on libido. Many were rat studies, mind you.


According to those studies, estrogen in the brain can help maintain dopamine receptor expression and nitric oxide activity as well as oxytocin - all very important, right?

Well if you are a male rat I s'pose. Granted, some studies have confirmed the role of these neurohormones, peptides, and especially DOPAMINE, in calibrating and allowing for the surge of one's sexual instincts - in the human as well.

However , it could also be that the men who maintain sexual function and libido WITHOUT estrogen - simply have much higher or above average dopamine and nitric oxide levels to begin with, so much that when a drop occurs that it isn't significant enough to wreak havoc on the sexual circuitry.

Therefore (and this remains the most plausible explanation for those who retain libido with low E2) - ESTROGEN is not necessary but CERTAINLY a contributor**.

I s'pose if we are all perfectly healthy and living in our perfect STRESS-FREE utopia then loss of estrogen would mean very little, assuming DHT, nitric oxide and dopamine are in awesome-in-your-face ranges
{some sarcasm intended} get the picture, right?

The point of this article isn't to dismiss estrogen as being important, just that it isn't ABSOLUTELY necessary for the libido and it simply is a contributing factor in biorhythmic or biological tendencies, or patterns in neuro-chemical projections.


Dihydrotestosterone is the active androgen in the maintenance of nitric oxide-mediated penile erection.  

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