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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Strongest of our People are not those without Fear, but those who Face their fears with the utmost discipline.

I believe the above quote is an accurate example of what we should all take to heart, we should not be paralyzed or defeated by fear, but instead utilize fear, changing it into strength in a time of need, or transforming it into hope on a normal day.

We need to learn that fear is often illogical, but at other times, it simply is a bit of awareness best saved for another time - sometimes certain fears can be an important insight. We need to use that insight for the proper time, and not apply it to anything and everyone when the time doesn't call for it. 

If you want to take control of your life, and your destiny, and rise above your fears - you have to first face them. This. This is what proves true strength, not being without fear, but being able to somewhat consistently, face your fears with discipline - do not change your fears into rage, but change them into steady motivation. 

Do not allow your fears to cripple you, but expand you, be your own inspiration, but never forget what others have taught you, whether they meant to or not.

The most important lessons are often subtle and quiet. Noise is not needed for ascension , nor is it needed for learning or for your own declarations, what is needed, is heart and the will to do what is using your wits in coordination with vigilance. Use your strength of mind with your intuition of the body, this is the key to success, and the key to truly living.

We all have instincts, so let's start using them, and not take them for granted...some may be inaccurate, but these momentary failures eventually build a new type of logic - one we look back on to see what we were missing. Some fears may be almost completely out of place, or inapplicable at the time - that doesn't mean we should be condemned or that we should blame ourselves, or call others delusional. 

In my eyes, it simply means the person is on "inaccurate scanning" or a situation or given comment, remember everyone has their bad days, so an illogical fear should not be persecuted, but clarified, by not being afraid to mesh, or avoided, in some instances.

In short, I summarize all of this with one quote.

If you truly want to be strong and of courage, and notable. Remember this.

The strongest of our people are not those without FEAR, but those who FACE THEIR FEARS, with the utmost discipline. ~AMx Reborn~

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