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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Charisma Tonics - Fan Fiction or Obscure Science? (What Supplements if Any Boost CHARISMA)

Charisma, the art of being full of stamina and magnetizing the attention of the listener . The art of proceeding in confidence , transferring assurance, and holding a unity of necessary traits that collaborate specifically to mold "the ideal image".

Charisma is not a trait that can be substituted nor gained overnight. 
So why would someone believe in a supplement or chemical that can give what is gained by discipline and by nature..or perhaps in some people's eyes, by fate?

Honore de Balzac  (pronouncation; Honōr  - A - deh - bail - Zak ) * = silent
 said it best, if you're of action you are likely of fatalism...thus believing in some means to an end - one if resilient then the things predetermined shall be captured and made a reality. If you're not with it and of it - well...maybe you don't got it, or at least not yet. (but don't get discouraged , look below the image)

So - for some reality, are there really supplements to boost charisma?

I say this with emphasis on the first part - ONLY IF YOU HAVE IT AND IT IS TO BE UNLOCKED or come out of indeed, some can use this excuse and seem to never get it right, some ...charisma comes naturally nearly from birth...
Many of you do have charisma, but perhaps were put down or undervalued in your early life...if so - it's possible sups might help to unlock it and bring your inner leader out to the bring it out of meditation, so to speak.

Research will yield the results you all are looking for, not just taking my word for it.

You have to do most of the work yourself, and commit to lifestyle changes to make sure you are on your A-GAME. And do it quickly, don't let your dreams slip!

What you want is real science, not fibbulous architecture (this spelling was intended).

You want to unlock charisma, start working out, practicing speeches - find your potential in life, exercise your gifts...and to find what really resides what is in you...there are some recommendations I can make.. but ONLY if you apply the lifestyle changes!!

I would recommend you start your pursuit of above changes first, and then look into neurosteroid supplements which are mentioned in many of my writings - they are not a panacea but certainly very potent at recovery and amplifying the greatest parts of your personna....!

The neurosteroids DHEA & Pregnenolone will help with clarity and confidence, and you may want to thus look into supplements like RS's a beautiful supplement I've used multiple times over the year..

You can buy it at the below link.

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