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Sunday, August 23, 2015

{Bible 101} : Synonyms / Alternative Names Used to Describe 'Anti-Christ'

First off, let me clarify something. This is to set the record straight - I am writing this article purely to make it easier for those who wish to study the Bible. I think people deserve to know all of the references and their placeholders in 'end times'. So instead of swimming in the mud puddle of 'interpretations' and erroneous statements; let's get right to the point!

The 'Anti-Christ' never really appears in a 'human' form - rather it is referred to as a sort of subjective spirit that travels from host to host(!).

It also describes a system; one that counter-values the ideologies of Christ or depreciates him to a human/non-human level. The Anti-Christ is never mentioned as a person - only as a system (Government) and { Spirit }.

The Anti-Christ spirit inhabits the finale world leader / False Prophet ; grooming him until it is his time to take over. 

Therefore the PERSON whom is misconstrued as the 'anti-christ' but really goes by other names - the evil man whom would murder hundreds of thousands of people and would exceed all other evils on Earth.

Anyway, here are all alternative names / synonyms for anti-christ / False Prophet. Clicking the name's will lead you to the Bible verse relevant by version and context.

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