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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Only True Hacker is One Who Hacks Everything; Not Just Computers

Life hacks, Brain Hacks, Signal Hacks, Wig hacks, Appearance hacks, TV hacks, psychological hacks...the list goes on!

A true hacker understands the necessity of diversity. A true hacker is not narrow-minded - but is always eager to learn. A true hacker embraces his passion as if it were his soul. Think about it; but don't think too hard.

Do you honestly think the most dangerous people in the world are those with a limited skill set..? Even if you are a computer-genius-hacker you have to at some point understand mathematical operations and you must have more than a 'good head on your shoulders' - a genius hacker is one who truly thinks outside of the box but in the realm legit application. He hovers outbound only to gain Insight into ideas, and obtain serenity within knowledge.

Moreover, 'hacking' does not really mean intruding into another's computer or network infrastructure - though it is a word used erroneously to describe such events.

Hacking is Analysis and Modification based on that analysis. Modification of systems, hardware, anything from boats to cab systems or even your garden hose can be hacked.
However, when you truly 'master' the hacking of one thing - you will find that attempting to master another device or environment is much more difficult - a whole new face...a whole new it truly takes a MAGNIFICENT amount of memory retention and a strong resilience to either avoid or learn from the mistakes of another hacker.

If you are a self-professed computer / network hacker and you don't take care of your body and mind..eventually your abilities will slip or will just never progress into something better, something more expansive!

Hence the popularity of "brain-hacking" both within government officials and scientists and in the general population. Brain-hacking is a bizarre world for some who may consider it cliche or outlandish. works, and that's why people do it!

If you don't keep your brain cells going and supercharging new synapses you are going to have a ~hack of a time~ (but not a good hack) moving forward and truly becoming the best at what you get on it!

Finally, whether it's your washer, dryer, your Lawn mower or w/e...these things that are either essential or semi-essential - they demand hacking!

If you take apart a lawn-mower - this isn't exactly just common's also a specific knowledge that protrudes better with experience as opposed to just Insight...and it involves specific analysis which is not garnered by a lack of attention any more than it is off the Internet!

If you don't have knowledge of TV menu's  and / or you want to add captions to the movie/TV show and don't know how - guess what?

You'll have to look it up and / or call somebody - but if you teach yourself everything you can possibly know then you are able to CUSTOMIZE your TV - even that is minor hacking!

I could go on and on forever - everything can be hacked - even shit you think can't be ant brains, or perhaps laundry soap - these obscure things such as using a multitude of chemicals to produce certain ' smells ' is chemical hacking..a bit off from biochemistry but not really!

Turning a smoke grenade's smoke red or green - even that is hacking!
A 'lower' level of technology perhaps - but indeed something that many wouldn't know how to do!

So lemme finalize with this ....

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