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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Faith and Solace : A New Direction Is Revealed

"An important time is not one defined by our own meaning; but rather by the moments that lead to an unforgettable road. The spirit of the moment therefore is not fully realized until until we see where we've come from and why such roads have converged to allow us the opportunities held today."       
                         ~AMx ReBorN~

I often have asked myself the same question...
Why things that happen are never what they seem. 

Truth is - we are incapable of knowing the core reason - because our Insight is limited by what we already know. Any perceived foresight is distorted because we often either engage in doubt or in narrow consolidation . 
Indeed, our opportunities are seen in their 'whole picture' when we stop doubting and take the step we don't want to take - the hardest step...the step includes sacrifice. In sacrifice we are made whole again. We realize the truth for what it is - and that everything must not be seen in the way we want it to be depicted - because as humans we are horrendously perfect at seeing only what has been fed to us by the eyes of ignorance. Or by our own perception we are defied. When rumination takes over, we often take ourselves into a further darkness by choosing not to escape it. Because reality is often hard to swallow, but it's more difficult when multiple events have arisen seemingly to our destruction. It shatters our character, but it's only after we rebuild our character that we see how far we've come. As such, I believe that if we maintain our sufficiency that we are all capable AND deserving of earning or gaining twice as much as we had before...then shall we call for it?

We should.

We should expect a better outcome than what everyone else can see. So many people can and will choose ignorance and blindness. So tearing your dreams up because of someone else's disbelief or arrogance is the true stub in our journey.

Then there's the moment of what we would call true clarity, when we start to think we see clarity and yet it co-occurs with the depths of despair...then we analyze the words of others..we start to say 'it's too good to be true' - and indeed, perhaps some things are..but if you really want something you have to dismiss the despair and the false clarity that is meant only to bring us down. You have to go beyond hope, and you must then declare all thoughts of your dream never happening to be the real 'imposters' it is only through this sincere form of courage , only through this act of faithful consolidation that we can infuse ourselves and our lives with all the tools necessary to obtain. We have so many more chances than we would like to believe - but the true obstruction comes when we neglect our hopes in vain; often after we receive 'mark' that seems to be a confirmation that sais 'no way, it's not happening'. 

Or when someone else brings us down .

We need to counter-act the fuels of disappointment and prevent them from stemming into something much more dramatic; such as desperation. 

Instead, picture the disappointment dissolving into a consuming light. As crazy as it sounds , believe that, if you are in the right direction - that this negativity may not last...

I don't encourage people to be unrealistic, but the irony is much of the time what we call 'logic' is really selling ourselves short from our dreams - because of the distorted view in which we see, even ourselves.

Strength does not come to us by someone elses will alone - but the recognition of our own strength - the depths of which has been clouded by 'wordly logic' instead of faithful logic. 

So it may seem as though I keep stressing the same point, in different manners. I'm really just showing you all that you all have the power to do things that no one else has ever done..every last one who reads this can be inspired - and not because of what I say alone..but because fragments of my self - emanations - are intent on delivering you the 'inner look' to your true it's time to take the masks off - whether you have lingered in clubs all of your life, spent countless hours partying or doing whatever you do - This does not mean it is WHO you are - so stop selling yourselves short because of what sufficiency you have found in your life thus far - assume that you will find more after the moment you decide to leave what is so familiar to you. The moment you decide to explore the unknown , the moment curiosity is a moment of hope...a glimpse of another life...a passion - a power that we all have in order to find something of a higher conscience and value.

And for God's sake do not utter the following phrases to yourselves, when you and I both know that being human is enough to say that you can, and will be above them.

  • I'm a loser.
  • I'm just a wannabe.
  • I'll never go anywhere with my life.
  • I'm a failure.
  • I'm a horrible person.

As easy as it is to give in to these statements, as much as they sound true, they are only a reflection of the moment; meant to bring you down. YOU can bring yourself up. You are worth more than those statements - now it may take a day, or a week, or a month to become in a better state of mind  - but we all live life through waning progress and through differentiation of our emotions. The difference is believing when there is no evidence to believe, that is true faith. 

And yes, you are deserving of divine love even when you think you aren' road is easy, but they are all manageable - as long as your separate the distress and declare yourself the victor over it - no matter how unrealistic it may seem.  No matter the significance or respect of others who speak against your tone and belief. No matter how many adversaries; real or imagined. Never.Back.Down. Be one with your dreams - and do not merely hope but challenge yourself to find the tools, thoughts and opportunities that others are too blind to see.

 Therefore I will end this post with the following. 

~AM x ReBorN~

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