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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

REVIEW : 'TopExtracts' Syrian Rue 20:1 Extract (Penganum Harmala) REVIEW

After my last vendor / shop (heavenly products) stopped selling Syrian Rue - I had to look for a new one. One hopefully as potent or more potent than the one before.  I've never written a formal review on ANY Syrian Rue product until now. The main reason is simply because I never really took it for any more than 3 days at time..and it was mainly for euphoric and / or augmentation purposes.

First , I am going to quickly go over the mechanism of action of this remarkable plant. It's a pharmacologically active psychotropic herbal substance. It functions in three main ways; in part due to the harmala alkaloids present.

By these actions , it is expected to provide both wakefulness and a strong mood lift. It also has some cognition-enhancing effects and can be considered a nootropic, though perhaps one a little less known on average than say - racetams etc

1. As an MAO-A inhibitor (!) (Monoamine Oxidase TYPE A) ; this results in the elevation of brain dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin...the results are a mood lift and central stimulation. This pathway is also responsible for the extracts appetite suppressant effects. (and believe me, they're there..I didn't eat for nearly the whole day on it)

2.)  As a histamine methyltransferase inhibitor (!) ; stopping the breakdown of histamine in the brain and body leading to enhanced histamine release and function. (this is probably why it is very good at keeping you awake for long-hours, slightly less potent than modafanil in this regard)

Histamine functions as a powerful regulator of neuropeptides and it is one of the strongest wake-promoting neurotransmitters in the brain; hence why antihistamines tend to produce sedation, rue will do the opposite and may help lower the sedative properties of antihistamines.

3.) As an AcHe Inhibitor (!)  - this stops the breakdown of acetylcholine; leading to improved acetylcholine levels and reversal of anticholinergic effects as well as memory improving and wakeful properties.

Let me get into the taste..and by the way I confirm this is DEFINITELY genuine Syrian Rue and the shop owner is a very nice guy and definitely reasonable.


  • Syrian Rue is a pleasant, fairly subtle taste - it goes great in tea and you won't hardly notice it. It's a little hard to describe , but it doesn't have any bitter or pungent properties that would offset most people. It for some reason, actually makes water taste more refreshing. 
  • I s'pose if I had to make a comparison it's like a very very light coffee type taste..but even more subtle than that to be honest.
  • I hear of all these horror stories about it tasting horrible, but honestly, I wasn't bothered by it..and I think that it's subjective but also dependent on the source. 

  • Took 1 gram the first day, some might call this a lot..but honestly, Didn't notice too much other than some slight stimulation and color acquisition/emphasis...I did have a clearer head..
  • Did 1.5 grams the second day, twice...once in the morning and once at night...Mainly because I had an important project I was working on that definitely won't sleep on this stuff!
  • The effects were more notable on the second dose for w/e reason..noticeable alertness, a sense of euphoria - a sense of stimulation..but a calm stimulation - similar to the mighty enthusiasm you have as a kid...everything is just brighter - and more 'connectable', if that makes sense.
  • The ability to recall things is notably enhanced..stuff I normally wouldn't think to be useful came at me at a much quicker rate on the third day - where I continued with 1.5 grams except thrice. ( morning , evening, night ). Ironically, I actually got to sleep easily ...but I also took a small amount of Ashwagandha after I was done with what Work was left that night.
  • The fourth day was much more appealing, I did 3 grams twice...once in the morning, once at night...  I DO NOT RECOMMEND NEWBIES'S USE THIS DOSAGE!! I am an experienced herbal researcher so I know my body and it's sensitivity to various chemicals with different MAO's... I've been doing this for years so I know what is placebo and what is not.
  • Anyway, so the effects on the fourth day were a super noticeable euphoria during the day time..about 30 mins after taking it - a supreme motivation and completely invigorating sense of smell, taste and hearing... it just made everything so much more enjoyable ...I was also much more talkative (but not in a manic way).  Normally, I somewhat hate the day time.
  • The night dose that evening was spectacular! I was pumped and got a workout in - a long and hard one and my endurance, though normally very high - was almost limitless on this dose!
  • It was sooo easy to creep into the 'zone' and the endorphin rush was absolutely elegant. 
  • The effects didn't wear off and I didn't get to sleep til 4.30 am..but this was amazing!
  • It was like I was in a whole nuther world - just completely focused and yet determined and fully immersed..with workout music it is even better ;)
  • My heart rate was a little faster than usual at first, but it balanced out...again, I have a high tolerance for stimulants in general so others should use less than me..most likely.
  • The fifth day was a work day - and boy was I ever on task...there was no 'sighs' everything was even more routine, no negative nothing bad..just move-forward and be fair it wasn't excrutiating work; mainly just ripping boxes up and moving a bunch of heavy stuff..but the point is - no hesitation.. no negativity, not one complain..though I never really complain - I just do things...without questioning much.
  • Everything is routine - and beyond puts your mental endurance on super mode just like the physical!
  • Was not jittery but just more talkative..also , I didn't use any coffee before hand, but today I did have a small cup - but not enough to dramatically affect the Rue and this doesn't explain any of the extra effects seeing as I drink coffee every day...several times a day..but today I didn't even feel the need to drink more than 1 cup - which is very unusual for me and a huge reinforcement / justification of the potent harmala alkaloids.
  • Continued at 3 grams the next few day, twice a day. Effects built up - since this was the second day of doing the same be fair I noticed a minor tremor in my hands..but nothing severe, at this point I decided not to take anymore and lower the dosage for the next day...mind was on point all day and extra'intellectual..creativity was on par with enhanced acquistion..amazing stuff!
  • The product worked well afterwards at 2.5 grams twice a day - this was enough to level it out etc
  • As a last & highly important/prominent note, the plant is a ridiculous appetite suppressant - most days I ate one meal or two at most!
  • Effects are consistent since it raises noradrenaline, histamine and serotonin - the body's chief appetite suppressant neurotransmitters. Regarding the histamine effects, no negatives, a little itching here and there but nothing breathing issues etc 

   FLAWLESS, very subtle taste, excellent effects.. in my opinion and experience - the best Syrian Rue product I've tried! (I've tried 5 different vendors altogether)
  Guy offers the most bang for your buck as well! Very Reasonable!

Syrian Rue can be bought at the top extracts site - I've put the link below.
--------------------- SYRIAN RUE TOP EXTRACTS ◄---------------------

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