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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to 'Detect' An Unfaithful Woman before Meeting them (Ways to Identify Cheaters)

Once more I am here to educate the world on some of the more obscure concepts of psychology - "Psychology 101" doesn't exactly meet the criteria when all that is given are the basics, does it? (lol)

You see, its not about facts or logic when detecting certain 'personalities' - it's about APPLICATION. In order to understand who we interact with ; we must be able to apply the concepts/precepts we have learned. Application does not require a physical action - but rather observation and insight. 

With that being said - I will make this as short as possible. 

I've heard of several unsubstantiated arguments as to why a woman would cheat and a lot of them fall short of both scientific validity and even logical validity. 

A couple of the urban-spillovers one might see posted or uttered in social situations include.

  • "You don't got the money and the cars."
  • "You ain't layin the dick right"
  • "You're pompous"
  • "It's bc your not confident enough."
  • "You are not shallow enough"

These are all very droll but very narrow remarks and can't be used to explain the deviants of society who have self-programmed themselves to 'cheat' regardless if all of the above are fulfilled (or aren't) me fellas, some ladies can have the 'ideal' guy - even one whom is close to the epitome of perfection and still not be loyal. 

Of course, if he does have power and money then the chances of unfaithful on the woman's part are MUCH less likely. 

However the ways to identify the consistent 'cheaters' and such in this modern era are the following. 

  • She is or appears to be emotional unstable, or comes from a broken family.
  • She is into drugs and / or alcohol.
  • She has a proclivity to 'novelty seeking' - the female variant which includes the thought process of 'desiring the best of both worlds'.
  • She is materialistic or enjoys love only when she is fulfilled by material things as other words - prerequisites are a 'necessary' to the relationship even if not overtly so or immediately made apparent. 
  • She rants on facebook almost every other day and enjoys arguing, drama, and is generally just full of herself.
  • Her mood is consistently on edge - not to reflect back to #1 but to expand by saying 'she enjoys a specific partition of instability' as in 'dwelling' on emotions such as anger and resentment.
  • She dresses provocatively at times where she shouldn't.
  • She is obsessed with other forms of 'styling' and admires 'model' personalities and aspires to only high-ranking positions. 

All females are very transparent if you know how to separate your own desires (sex drive, love etc) and use analysis whilst being other words - be in your head but also out of your need to be able to semi-multi-task when in person but before meeting her - depending on HOW you meet or WHERE you've seen her - you can also analyze her beforehand. 

Such a shame that so many fellas fall for some dumb brawd who has no intention of being faithful and fits into any of the above degradations of humanity...oh, and one more thing. Hold yourself intellectually but those females who do not appreciate intelligence often have something to hide..they often are afraid of being analyzed. It does not make you any less of a man to be selective with the types of females you date/hookup with and instead it shows you have standards...true 'alpha-males' should strive for nothing less than perfection - and as such my conquest is always highlighted by such...enjoy your week my friends!

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