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Friday, August 21, 2015

The Bridge to Sanity : A Road of Collisions

Oftentimes when we feel like we've hit a standstill - or things couldn't get worse - these moments wherein are clouded by rumination...and we wouldn't even be surprised if things got worse.

But sometimes a little bit of what others call 'Insanity' is actually the bridge to sanity. There is no royal treatment for the clinically insane but there is a tendency amongst most with a good eye - to accept the visually appealing..the aesthetic. So how do we hit 'rock-bottom' and yet still continue when the most untimely disappointments or conflicts arise?

We follow our hearts and the very least we learn something.

The edge of true willpower is to make the last 2% of our strength the percent that actually matters...whether your conflict is partially your fault or not, or based on loss of a loved one / tragedy  - one thing is important above all else!

That we don't lose ourselves in the process; that we still have a sense of dignity. 

To arise from our distress and to come out alright despite hardships..this is the brightest side of humanity; the broken people who have sealed their wounds shut, realizing that they (wounds) are trespasser's of our conscience when we dig the wounds back up again. These reminders should be proof of our strength, not our weakness...yet then some of us declare this an 'impure' strength, as if we should blame ourselves for everything..that if we boost ourselves up - that we will be criticized for being arrogant or unsympathetic...
Or we criticize ourselves...

Normally I would drag these types of write-ups on for pages..but this time I am just going to post two videos that sum up 'the next step' - one clean of dishonor and one that is not susceptible to the blind critics. 

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