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Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Key Respite - Recognizing Checkpoints of the Divine

As a man of Faith I  have grown to understand that - without buzzing about the error's of others - that we all must walk our own path to Conscious awareness and to our own personal victories..and even to salvation. As a man who has been molded stronger by conflict, emboldened by suffering and made wise through perseverance ... I can tell you that the only error of humanity - the only thing truly worse than temptation - is assumptions...assumptions are the fuel of ignorance and should be seen as humanity's utmost enemy. Our greatest nemesis. 

We are so quick to draw absolutes about someone's past, their ideas, their race, their attitude - but we never really see any real details - and not everyone is so transparent - even for the most aware and insightful people..trying to read someone's past without an accurate resolve is pure foolishness. We often even take religious statements out of context - and I see this everywhere! We look at someone's use of drugs, self-harming, their so-called atrocious pasts; the violence and feuds they have contained ...and even then, even in ignorance what most of us don't realize is  at the root of ignorance - assumptions have plagued the hearts of the most tyrannical people! Assumptions broadcasted from others.

The most dangerous people are those who have rejected the notion of fairness and peaceful resolve..but , they are also often the most damaged people..people who have recovered - but whom have taken paranoia and fear as their temporary allies - or in whom evolved fearlessness by means of self-progression and ego...but the ego exists to defend us from stress and all political people remain indefinitely impure? Do we even know if they are impure - who are we to believe ?

Yes, some will never change...but who are we decide who these are?

We need to recognize that in order to open up new paths for ourselves, we must be willing to open the door for others - it doesn't matter how much chaos is in our hearts and minds..because it is the outward/overt acts that count..and ladies and gentlemen, even those are forgiven!

We always have a chance to redeem ourselves - redemption is always possible! We must first break through the supersensitivity to negativity - we must abide by humility  more than arrogance..and although ego has a place - it must be kept in proper coordination with humility and respect...and yes, to get respect we must give respect!

We must not grow shallow though, because of the disrespect we are given within a 72 hour time window...we must forgive at some point...and I can understand how hard it can be for some things that are done...but strength will come by over riding stubbornness, and sometimes....

This phrase became apparent to me when I was speaking in tongues one night; specifically I uttered the uzbek phrase "muhl kaliti a" which literally translated as " A Key Respite " - at this point  I was questioning my writing and where to go next - but most of all when I would have a relief from the thoughts that plague my mind... and when things would truly get better - when my affinity and zeal for the Divine coupled with my persistence and motivation would truly rise to the expectations I had hoped my writing and life in general. 

RESPITE defines a time of cessation or break from a bad situation or unpleasant thought process - I'VE NEVER STUDIED the native language of Uzbekistan and never heard or seen it before..that I am sure of , so it's odd - but enlightening that I would utter those words and.....

When I said the phrase I also had said "wres medd ia" ; a welsh phrase meaning 'heat says yes' - at this time it was bolting hot in here and I decided NOT  to turn on the cool air...I thought maybe see what happens..and..I'm not superstitious - but I felt these phrases weren't random..they never really are...I don't believe  in coincidence or luck - but I also believe our PERCEPTION is key to our ELEVATION. To rise above, we must adapt and continue despite the conditions around us..and to be honest - the concept of military training has always enlightened me..and not the asymmetric warfare or paramilitary tactics..or the weapons - or the aggression - but the perseverance needed in the military - the adaptations to  cold and hot as a predecessor to strength....and the the MINDSET beyond fantasy integration training (a technique used by snipers and sharp shooters to remain still and awake and focused for a period of  time while assuming their target) within it..can be applied to our lives and the struggles we face...feeling guilty about believing things others don't is not adaptation but giving in to the hypocritical SUPERSENSITIVITY to the thoughts and feelings of others...!

This is the point I a make all too often , but it makes sense...furthermore...

People find peace through solace, and they find dignity when they seek respite. ~AMx ReBorN~

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