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Sunday, September 6, 2015

'Perfection' - A matter of Subjugation, Perception or Simply Self-Reflection?

Many of us find cues in our social life that often remind us of where we are  - and where we want to go, and differences in the stamina or success of others either reminds us of our shortcomings or of our aspirations. 

But the question here today is whether some people who make it big are striving for perfection or simply finding themselves? Why does everyone's idea of perfection differ so much and what constitutes the threshold of one's conceptualized reality? What makes some people break well before their end and some fall off their game mid-way?

Do not give me the bullshit that it's 'emotional stability' - because indeed, this is sooo general of a term that we can't possibly apply it to such as a subjective ideology such as that of "Perfection".

With that being said....

 Now in terms of subjugation one can make the argument that a 'numbers game' ; keeping score of the amount of groups under one's perceived control is symbolic in that the operator/leader is portrayed a 'higher level' of human potential. When placed under the scope of comparison between other leaders though - one can deviate from 'aesthetic' values and instead begin to look at 'intellectual potential' and not just stamina/charisma. Then what is to say that in every instance of time or with each new decade that goes by - we begin to QUANTIFY based on a new or revised set of values - thus perfection is always going to be a MATTER OF PERCEPTION. 10 years ago to now - we have very different views on many different politicians etc simply because DEFINITIONS have changed...but politicians do not have to be the only example and one can argue that high income and high exposure rates are not qualitative traits simply because many of them grow up in a high-class; in a master's bedroom or simply ahving a strong degree of wealth..passed down, accumulated or handed out like it's candy!

Of course, nothing in life comes easy..but say you are going to school - it doesn't matter WHERE you've come from or WHAT your past is - whether you were born out of and into poverty or not..EVERYBODY starts at the Bottom - but perhaps the bottom looks different to some folks..! The point I am trying to pass here is that potential should never be measured by OUR ORIGINS - if indeed we have given the world a reason to believe we have risen above those trivial facts..if we have set ourselves APART from the rest and not declared accomplishment by MEANS OF MONEY but rather by 'setting a new pace' or delivering a new idea. If we HELP one another then we have become competent, right?

Then it goes on to how selective we become in terms of that very competence - we need to rise up and SURPASS our predecessors to show that individuality still matters! I believe in 'Child Prodigies' .... and, I believe in 'Indigo Children' ...but I don't believe they have it easy at any fact, from what I've seen and the people I know.. I can guarantee you that the being and intellectual orifice of these bright and resilient minds conjures up challenges from abroad! I've found that with myself and others..that conflict is so strong because our minds shine so bright...they produce electricity and a presence that many would either be uncomfrotable with or that in which we would look like outcasts..but as long as we COMBINE a placeholder of serenity AND recognize the cue's of 'communicational correctness' or mastering the native dialect of our portions..then we can still vibe in our ideas...


This is inevitable for even the most imposing of men and women.
Therefore represented in companies, in even the most successful people, you see that EVENTUALLY...eventually - shit hits the fan..unfortunately - but then these brilliant creatures spring BACK UP and reinvigorate themselves on nothing but a will to continue!!

So perfection  is perception and self-reflection./. but there is no such thing as perfection...except our own 'perfect image' our mind has meddled in and CALLED see a drawing with perfect outer lines , but I can tell you there's a dab of colour imbalance where others can't to you it's PERFECT, to me it's not! Or vice-versa.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves how many prerequisites are necessary to overcome a given challenge or setback - and I'd say many times that despite all the anger and madness and sadness...that we ought to not stop striving for perfection on the times we think we may need it - but rather tell ourselves that it is not necessary at the current other words - we can JUMP to our victory and THEN upgrade to perfection..if we constantly define all sorts of 'necessaries' and pre-requisites then we will NEVER EVOLVE..but IF FIRST WE MAKE A PROMISE TO OURSELVES TO EVOLVE...THEN we add in prerequisites and supplemental additions and additional equipment for our purpose..yes we have to be somewhat equipped beforehand..but then, what during and after!?

Now let me move on to more vain, self-serving forms of perfection - not to promote them..but to convey understanding of them. 

Narcissism is becoming a very prominent trait not only in high powered politicians but in society in's a retreat into the enduring abyss but also a survival tool - to an's also a viable trait likely to 'allow' one to relentlessly engage in egregious acts. You see this in salesman, high ranking companies and infrastructures, central banks and many other sophisticated entities . Some would say that narcissism leads to perfection- ism - but couldn't it also be that perfectionism leads to narcissism?

One of my favorite analogies is how a mind can be nothing despite having everything, or having everything despite having nothing. 

You know what that means ladies and gentlemen?

It means the mind is one powerful tool. It means that there are so many EXCLUSIVE gestures that can NEVER be fully understood because WE can not - even with all of our scientific expansion..fully understand the mind at play!

The mind is unexplainable in some person can grow vengeful on 10 different sedative drugs..and not necessarily because of the drugs but BECAUSE that person CHOOSES to be vengeful...psychology almost ALWAYS overpowers biology!

If somebody does NOT want to change or is set in their ways..they DON'T have to have a certain set of genetics or be doing ANYTHING to predispose themselves because THEIR MINDSET AND ONLY THEIR MINDSET without the need for any other factors is sufficient to be as vile as an entity one could ever imagine..everybody, no matter how 'soft' they seem is capable of some degree of's not about self-restraint's about how many times someone can believe something because they believe their way is right..even if they have to lie to themselves 1000+ times to believe it..and GUESS WHAT?

They aren't the only ones at fault..we are all hypocrites to some extent!

So for anybody who sais these 'stubborn minds' are 'going to get what's coming to them'..guess what, even if you think you are a SAINT or a great religious scholar..your endeavor to mentally reject those people is DISGUSTING in itself.

Do not try to fix someone or condemn them if you see they are clearly set in their ways...there are some people who just take all bits of stress, deliberately overwhelm themselves with it and then VINDICATE themselves by creating a perverted sense of adaptation...'s a good quote as well!

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