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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reservation of Ignorance : As the 21st Century Bleeds Man's Heart Dry

I am not amused - in a world where Politician's make remarks about the competition's faces and physical traits (!) and in a world where some young guys have declared "every fucking cop is a target" (!)...and yet, it's all understandable to a degree. The function and placeholder of your average citizen is increasing , even if it begins in their own mind - everyone is at least moving forward...right?

As much as some would disagree it's on my pondering - core philosophical days when I realize how much 'communication' is necessary to make real change. Weakness is molded by a fear of communication; to fear one will look stupid is stupidity. I see that despite our first and second amendments being violated , that the youth have taken charge once more. They have not neglected their own emotions but indeed, are channeling them into a better tomorrow. 

If an adult or old drunk were to jump up to the guy in the video leading a new riot saying "you're not qualified to say this" - in my eyes that is exactly what is wrong with this whole situation. You can't expect peace in a society where everyone is trying to constrain each other - where one person believes their age is an accepted nobility giving them dictator like powers over another human being. So we are ALL 'qualified' to say what we long as it brings us momentum and the people around us Insight; what do we have to lose?

Our ideas are not going to come from a generation who has not adapted to the pace of the current societal trends - solutions are not going to come from people who have not had enough exposure to the current age. I don't want a callous uprising - but ignorance is everwhere and the worst form of it - the kind that bleeds the hearts of man dry - is closed-mindedness and assumptions. These close the heart up, not just to suggestion - but to moral dignity and to prosperity.

We as humanity make more mistakes when we are too afraid to do anything; when we question negative outcomes and then create more negative outcomes by assuming they will happen as a result of our words and actions. I believe the full fury of civilization and our rebels are going to reach a peak soon - and because many people don't seem to have too much a conscience nor a logical awareness of what is going on  - I don't see any reason this shouldn't happen.

As such.

 I Speak to the Young Members of Our Society

Do not veer from your objectives, once your words are out there - do not doubt them. Keep making a stand. Do not allow the oppression to occur without a fight. The only way we are going to challenge corruption is by standing firm and moving forward in pure determination - being bold when necessary. 

I guess the avoidance strategies though, of the past , haven't worked so well.


My prior words, these were sort of an abstract presentation leaving the proverbial burr for everybody's arrogance to get caught on. Because of the apparent isolation between various groups and upbringings of society - I believe that one's own motivations; being too native to their own environment but also being entirely loyal to their customs - are distorted enough to prevent the spread of knowledge. I had a thought ; if one stood in the rain and believed it would cure their cancer if done for exactly 7 minutes, is it more likely for just the locals to believe in such crap!?

Don't think such blatant, psychotic superstitions don't exist ladies and gentlemen, they Do !

Because you see - that's the contrast in society we have...the delusion is so strong in so many groups of people that their heads are getting caught and intertwined with each other - breaking their necks over such trivial things while their tongues reach for the hershey's bar or the Fresh snicker doodle cookies on the tree branch! You fucking hedonistic cowards!

Do you understand that your function and our function (as a whole) should be to thwart the veering of society in collapse and redirect the attention of judgement with collaborative effort?

If one group calibrates the direction of what is Godly yet our own experiences deviate from this - does this make both of our stories nonsense? FUCK NO!

So am I part of the Ignorance as well?


But I am not blind - but because I have supercharged the process of whole-analysis I believe I am on point more than a great deal of 'writers' whose pathological conditions have superseded their ability to truly influence anything to any appreciable degree.  Thus I do not doubt those who draw correlations because of word-choice - so the words hedonistic or 'cure' are two words that many over-use - yet I have used them to depict  - again, in sort of an abstract way HOW RID-ICULOUS it is that we focus so much time and effort on the wrong battles. We need to get the original application of such words right, because it has to be APPLIED in proportion to what is of the most significance. Our most powerful criticisms should be aimed at TEH MOST PRIME EXAMPLES; ok ye felllas!?

I want to believe.

But if you want to know what is hedonistic - it's clearly the incubated bullshit going on in Washington D.C.

So tender they are to sever the lines of justice and drop candy stones and lollipops on their friends doorsteps whilst eating a chocalate covered turkey leg and golden chicken fries. Meanwhile - parents often proclaim immaturity of the youth, and yet we have high agencies like the EPA lopping turds of fury onto fellow employee's desks and laying molting trailer's of shit throughout the hallways.  < SEE HERE >

What kind of idiocy is to come next ?

Is this the sparkle of hope our ancestors had dreamed  of?

....I don't think so.

I think we aren't going to move anywhere until we set one thing straight. We as humans are all flawed and yet all perfect. So let us emphasize the thunder of our souls by starting a new slogan; "abolish corruption and polish the fiercest sense of freedom we have ever had" - the freedom to assemble and unite!


Don't stop until you hit progress and the face and say THIS IS THE NEW DEFINITION OF PROGRESS - THIS IS THE NEW PRECEDENT!!

"I am the long-predicted glance at hope and prosperity, the determiner of unprecedented outcomes"

Can we all say that to ourselves!?

We all can play a role and we all can be that long-predicted glance at hope and prosperity, we all can DETERMINE and INITIATE unprecedented outcomes, and no matter the obstruction; we can ALL continue AND FINISH THEM!!

Continuance is the mystery of the enlightened - it is the sanctity of a true revolution. One whom takes it's pace in finalizing the victory of the people - in which is coming, soon.... 

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