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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Everyone wants a Pill : The Tragedy in Supplement-Mindedness

Alright first let's get one thing straight. I am not, have not, and never will be against supplements and even medications/pharmaceuticals. What I am against however, is false advertising - and the idea of a panacea existing on the top shelf of every Vitamin store. This is damn near ludacrous. 

And it's not that panacea's aren't achievable - it's just that they are not going to come from a capsule who's goal is to rake in the green.

The perception that we can grab a bottle from a store or a pill from our pharmacist to cure, treat or diagnose a condition is exactly why the most inclusive regimen's often fail for those constantly complaining of their issues.

Our body's respond to stress. If we do not treat the underlying conditions and expect a miracle pill to do all the work - all the while maintaining a pessimistic mindset - we will never recover or reach ideal health. 

Moreover, it seems that the people who think this way are at a self-induced disadvantage and at the same time desire some outlying societal image of perfection to be their reality - also expecting to leap from step one to four in a matter of minutes or days! Yet this is what we call an unrealistic pace and unrealistic expectations, plus....

Perfection is a tyrannical myth; and at the same time something that if it were achievable then it is not achievable by belief alone but by extreme belief coupled with unprecedented resolve .

We can't expect to dissolve our issues by attempting to thwart  them with biological fallacies.  That means we can't resolve our issues by expecting one little measly change to do all the work. 

If we want to reach our goals and deal with our health concerns or to reach the epitome of potential we have to look at the whole picture. 

So, here's the point that should spur up action - If we can incorporate the right proportion of exercise , diet and having a good time in life ... I know that we can begin to abolish the health issues in our society. However, this is going to be done by encouraging the members of society to not be constrained by a set amount of consistency and to follow their dreams in life . The best way to improve our health is to find what hits us at our core - what ignites our passions and most fearsome of logic. 

If we keep loathing on adaptive logic and are obsessed with 'pill logic' then we can not possibly achieve the level of consistency that the most successful people have not imagined but committed to. I would like to believe that we can stir up the imaginations of people by getting them to understand that power and consistency come from both willpower and biological homeostasis. 

We are negating our very goals, even our own 'health agenda' by believing all issues can be resolved by a pill. 

I can spill the beans in a million different ways - heck, I'm already doing that! But until the correct motto is assumed into people's minds I'm.not.done.

Just as political correctness never really leads to any resolve except for not promoting change. Keeping the same roads and travails senselessly alive by proxy. 

Thus I aim to resume promoting logic and progress and not ignorance. 

Because surely, tragedy is often the result of facilitating recklessness coupled with a blatant lack of awareness. If we can not identify the perceptions of others we can not help anyone, either. 
Of course, that can be a difficult thing to do. 

Back to the pill scenario. If we view a study saying "X-PILL  = INCREASE IN 40% given chemical level" (a common illusion / desire of man today) then we proceed the buy the product in hopes of replicating the same results..without looking at ANY of the specific details of the study (like weight, given subject criteria and specific form of product used) then how can we possibly translate that to our own efforts?

Additionally, reforming my original argument in a more simplistic fashion - if we do assume or can be somewhat guaranteed we have the right stuff , dose and have accurately looked at the parameter's - do you think that maybe thinking about it over and over again could impact the physiological results of w/e substance we are introducing to our body for a given goal?

There's one thing that all supplement experts and Doctor's have in common when creating results : unbiased and controlled environments. 
As well as behavioral/subject stability. 
We have to stabilize our own psyche to manifest whatever results we wish for - and even then, oftentimes it is merely 'placebo-effect'. 

The times it ISN'T placebo effect are the times when we go about our lives with a positive outlook - then everything we have added to our routine (including supplements) begins to immerse itself - and truly seep into the pattern of ongoing progress we have already committed to.

Which brings me to one simple outline. In which leads to my conclusion of this piece.

There's nothing wrong with using sups but if they are the basis of YOUR sufficiency as opposed to a supplement to your EFFICIENCY then they are a means to an end and quite fruitless.

 I do truly hope to see everyone who strives for better health come out with their own individual victories - I hope that one day we can see a world where health is no longer such an ordeal, nor just an idea - but a reality. I hope, but I also know the reality of it all - we won't get there until everyone rises above their own dilemma's  - until everyone exit's the seeping ruminations of their every day lives and instead resides in is imperative , that any man or woman or wishes to derive true quality of life - steps above what they believe they can do and takes the step they think they won't make. It's also imperative, though, that people incorporate logic and vigilance above all else...then I s'pose in some instances we have an excuse to be fearless. ;)

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