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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I.O.N : Innovation, Objective , Nourishment (CoRaGeOn)

First , I've designated this acronym; ION - along with the pretty photo above for two reasons.

1.) I aim to make it abundantly clear, that any action, word, or personna' does not have to be taken absolutely literally - but   That when an image and description is assigned to a character - that people can pick up on a new level of understanding. 

2.)  To allow you to go back on this definition after reading this post - so that one can enlighten their mind further and decide not to be so shallow and 'boxed in' like much our society, today.

The Irony of the people and the things in this world - especially given the fairly predictable nature of man to boil their own blood over vendetta's - or to see letting go as one in the same as giving in ; speaks volumes as to where collectively, our "head" has gone. What I mean, in simpler terms - is that we all want answers, we all want to say we are 'winning' at something in life -  even if there is no battle in sight. There's nothing wrong with winning - and who's to say we can't fight imaginary battles?

But that's not the point...

You see what impairs our validity most is seeing things TOO straightforward - if we totally vibe with society's expectations then how can we see the truly unique attributes within both people and things, that aren't so transparent? I believe that the biggest mistake of our people is that we define people by only what we see or what others have told us - we allow a 'distorted' view of that person to become OUR definition...simply because of our out-dated primal need to assess our surroundings..and because of communication purposes - or because perhaps, we are in a time-constraint and we feel we need to observe in such a manner for a measly piece on the news?

Yet success in life with our career or whatever it is we choose to do is never that linear - if you think about it we always at some point have to think outside the why not expand the proportions we feel we need?.. Furthermore do we ever stop to see that if someone presents a 'weak' piece in class, in school  or does poorly in their workout goals, that perhaps there are other parts of them that compensate or may present an opportunity outside of that realm  of progress.?

These immediate conclusions are what I like to call adaptive dismissal; you know, depreciation of possibilities...if we do not consider everything a possibility - how do we expect to become 'more' than what society sais is possible? 

I'm not saying don't use your instincts - I'm saying absolutely use logic first! Most of the time.
Judging a person by their 'alleged' , overt presentation - aka judging a book by the cover is the most ridiculous thing that humanity has ever thought of to pass time . Pointing fingers with 'he said she said' and general rumor starting is not just a sign of low intelligence - but a sign that those people do not really want to progress ANYWHERE on a higher level...! Do not fib one's own intelligence or jinx yourself out - do not expect everything to be 100% what you think it will be ...!

EVEN if you find yourself RIGHT almost all of the time...what reason could anyone have to not expand their consciousness to find a higher purpose or to expand on the one they already are heading to?

Look...what I'm saying is to inherit the fragments of people's greatest aspects..and to build up the part's of them people call weakness. Not to make ourselves 'look' a certain way - but to build character from Insight - to assume that no bridge goes unclosed without another path opening up..because some day - the outcasts and poor of society may rise up and have a HUGE part in something... do you think that any of us truly start out from the top?

Even if we were born in a mansion with hundreds of thousands of dollars our mind still needs expansion - so here's what I will say.

1.) INNOVATION : To outlast the competition and bring value to our platform; we must think NEW - we can not reside forever inside the lines that society has provided - we must deem ourselves  COMPETENT to THRIVE - we must establish our personna's for OURSELVES and wonder upon the ideas that others are too stupid to consider. It doesn't matter whether an idea is 'corny' to others, or whether our actions may 'look' a certain way to long as WE SEE the PROGRESS in w/e it is we are doing and aim to do then we are Moving Forward..yes, make it compatible with logic at a certain point - but as the world changes wait for the pace to elevate and then make your move!

2.) OBJECTIVE : If we define an objective in our heads; explore that angle - at least ATTEMPT no matter what or how stupid it looks along the way to see why we would even think in that direction in the first place, clearly, if we had an objective we HAVE an objective - compare it with our current goals but see ALSO if it can merge with our future aspirations..but without totally enveloping the possibilities based on a rule set someone else has provided.

3.) NOURISHMENT : Let every action and word we speak , any objective we define be it's own reinforcement - let it nourish us knowing at least we had gone after it - if we let bravery, courage, and most of all - meaning within ourselves to flourish then it will manifest the proper results..but we must consider all actions a token towards greatness - we must consider that everything we do will have it's consequences...however, do not assume that "consequences" are totally bad or totally good - no matter what direction things change in - FIND A WAY to TRANSFORM the negative into the positive...the darkness is beautiful and so is the light. Keep an open-mind and our own mind renewal will reach new heights..all of us are capable of more than we let ourselves believe...we just have to know that our own priorities and objectives should not depend on those who do not know us...but we should still consider things based on our own judgement .  Lastly, that judgement is invalid if all possibilities have not been considered.

To fully grasp success and prosperity we must first pass through the logic of others, find the flaws in it without bias and then merge our minds with opportunities that others have not seen.

Winning?  What is winning? Bah-Humbugh,

Winning is ideology and perception mates. Winning is a power within ourselves - and winning is not backing down!

But winning is nothing compared to victory  - and VICTORY is thinking outside the box...!

Whether in boxing, or MMA - victory is always setting a new standard...and the person that sets it in motion has taken an oath to internalize that precept!

They have taken an oath firmly, they have valued their own words in confidence...but because they believe in perseverance and humility and because of outstanding levels of awareness...  ;)

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