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Sunday, September 6, 2015

{REVIEW} Top Extracts Kava Extract 70% Kavalactones Extract (Piper Methysticum)

Since I was very pleased with my experience of Top Extracts Syrian Rue product; I decided to give their Kava extract a go as well!

Now Kava is one of my favorite relaxing herbs for a number of reasons.

1.) It doesn't cause cognitive / memory related issues and is not classically a 'sedative'.

2.) It has some euphoric properties.

3.) It doesn't give you that 'dulled out' feeling so many other herbal anxiolytic's do.

Next -  I am going to quickly go over the mechanism of action of this remarkable plant. It's a pharmacologically active psychotropic herbal substance.
It's effects are primarily mediated through compounds in the plant known as 'kavalactones'. As a herbal supplement - it's difficult to tell how much EXACTLY we are getting - but based my extensive experience with herbs; including Kava - I can tell you this is the most potent brand and a bang for your buck!

KAVA < Mechanism of Action >

1.) It's main mechanism of action as far as anxiety is concerned - seems to be as a positive allosteric modulator of the GABA-A system(1).  Ironically, it is also able to inhibit excessive GABA-A function as well(2).

2.) However, it's euphoric properties and reported efficacy against social anxiety may come from it's dopaminergic properties - this is the "true" "feel-good" property of the Kava(3). Specifically, it acts as a MAO-B inhibitior which prevents the breakdown of dopamine thus raising it's levels in the periphery, brainsteam, hypothalamus etc (4) (5)

3.) Kava has some similarities to Cannabis; in fact, it acts on the same receptors cannabis acts on to modulate brain-neural activity. Kava's constitutes stimulate the CB1 receptor; but less potently than THC and other 'true' cannbinoids(6).

4.) Kava has sodium channel blocking (Na+) and calcium/calmodulin channel blocking properties (Ca2+) - it also increases potassium channel (K+) outflow which is similar to the mechanism of action of mood stabilizer drugs - this accounts for some of Kava's central anti-anxiety effects as well(7).

Sodium channels interact with neuronal systems; generally increasing the firing of histaminergic and noradrenergic systems - in turn, sodium channel ions are also provoked on the inverse pathway ; such as when histamine or noradrenaline are increased .

Thus it is a supportive - interexchangeable pathway which leads to a cycle of anxiety and epilepsy is thought to in part, be  a result of excessive sodium channel activity.

Calcium channels also can have stimulating effects - but their effects are dependent on whether the activated current is 'L-TYPE' or 'N-TYPE' - generally though, blocking calcium channels reduces sympathetic nervous system activity leading to less anxiety and heart rate as well!

Potassium channels generally are calming, however - they can also lead to increased noradrenalin release - increased noradrenaline can technically have the opposite effect but it depends on where it is located and how much...noradrenaline in low-moderate amounts can actually help with anxiety and attention - but high amounts lead to a plethora of anxiety disorders..kava seems to over-step or bypass the traditional adrenergic pathways - so the net effect is still a calming-one with a reduction in anxiety and mania.

Let me get into the taste..and by the way I confirm this is DEFINITELY genuine KAVA KAVA and the shop owner is a very nice guy and definitely reasonable. As stated in my last review!


  • Kava almost has a light nutmeg type taste - I don't really know how else to describe it, it's a little 'sweeter' than Syrian Rue but not really 'sweet' per se..if that makes sense.
  • It isn't a harsh taste as long as you don't gobble down several teaspoons at once and you dilute it's just another 'non-native' 'exotic' TEA-TASTE!
  • It's a yellow-ish powder, darker than dandelion but lighter than gold.

  • Took 1 gram the first day, and didn't notice a whole heck of a lot.
  • Did 2 grams the second day - twice. My whole agenda was to see whether it would have any effect on anxiety or OCD really. It did seem to help take the edge off but at this dose I still couldn't really call it. 
  • The effects on 2.5 grams on the other hand were much more conceivable - well..noticeable! Interesting how such a small difference in dose could measure up to such 'supplemental' effects.
  • At this point it is on a similar magnitude as magnolia extract - it not only has obliterated my 'intrusive thoughts' but furthermore, on the second dose is when euphoria became more apparent!
  • A beautiful thing indeed!
  • I found it seemed to enthuse and super-charge my personality at 3 grams - though I wouldn't really call it an 'anti-manic' effect, ironically - it actually felt like a minor stimulant but not a jittery type.but at the same time - anxiety was GONE!
  • I also slept like a baby without my normal stack of magnolia and lemon balm! Which is good because I often have terrible insomnia!
  • The effects at higher doses were definitely more on the euphoric end - but the calming never goes away ironically - so no paradoxical negatives there! At higher doses it's like visual-sensory-motory enhancement in terms of everything around you seeming much 'brighter' was actually similar to Syrian Rue in some ways which I guess makes sense because they both are MAO inhibitors..
  • Kava had no impairing effects; even at the highest dose I tried (7 grams at once) - it just continued with a euphoric burst - although the odd thing is my appetite was done during this run.
  • You would think being on something more 'relaxing' would equate to higher appetite..but I guess things aren't always that linear..
  • I found lower doses to actually add in some 'odd recall' of old events from my past - and it actually slipped in some 'dream-like' states throughout the day..which brings me to my next point!
  • My dreams were not necessarily disturbing while on KAVA; lucid, but NOT disturbing!
  • Very bizarre and far-fetched, very odd like a bunch of worlds colliding onto one bridge and then that bridge converting into something whilst I was floating near it! That said in a literal sense but also a metaphorical sense - It was like there were dreams overlapping each other in my sleep - more than like a 'movie set' - but rather like a movie composed of optical illusions with some significant 3-D sprites and some very alluring subjects which I tend to emphasize quite a bit (spirits, world events, outer politics etc).
  • Besides these incredibly vivid dreams - I can't say that there is something else really outlandish at all about the herb - but at the same time it certainly is not as 'plain' as like lemon balm or magnolia..the effects are subtle at first but it definitely will hit you more so on day 2 or does have immediate effects though ; you just have to get the dose right!
  • For those unaware, dose will vary per person - me and a buddy of mine are about the same weight and he needs 3x the amount that I do to feel the same effects!
  • Therefore consume with caution as with any herbal substance or any substance for that matter - always start with lower doses!

   Excellent excellent KAVA product, seriously, I love this stuff!!
  Guy offers the most bang for your buck as well! Very Reasonable!

KAVA KAVA extract by TOP EXTRACTS can be bought at the link below. Made it easy for ya!!
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