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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's All About the Presentation - Societal Mishaps, Stigmas & The Final Blow to Generalizations

I am, I will , I've been -  He is, they are, we are, they can, they never will...

This quarter is rolling , and this penny is non-existent. 
The ages are changing my friends...button down, soar to the skies. 

& I will find the reason why....because I am about to tell you how to fly.

After combing through the era of misperceptions and utter ignorance , I aim to finalize a magnificent truth - the truth that generalizations are the most ill-fated, ridiculous manifestations of humanity and human communication!

My agenda is clear - to make generalizations disappear.

I would like to point out that nothing is what it appears though....even the most sincere are often the opposite of what we fear ...

The reasons for someone doing anything they do offer different explanations , but really...generalizations as in why would this person 'work here', 'do this' , 'date this person' are going to be very different from each others...and not in a linear way..not necessarily a reproduction or extension of the past but because IDEOLOGIES differ and personalities are partly based on view points expressed and internalized over the years...reasons differ in ways most of us do not understand thus explaining the reasons for other people's actions will always be a gamble..and we can't count on people to tell the truth a lot of times. (notice I do not generalize).

{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡ =-= {P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡  
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡ {P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u $
{P}(r) ∑ § Ü ∏ Þ † µ ∂ u ‡ ....

Now, as long as you read the above in the 'appropriate manner' - you will realize this entire post was both pointless and yet very very helpful for many people... (HINT::It's about thinking 'outside the box' and of course, that little excerpt above the code language ;) )

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