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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Barlowe's Tongkat Ali Review (Review of Barlowes Herbal Elixirs 200:1 Tongkat Ali Extract)

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This is an independent review of Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs 200:1 Extract of Tongkat Ali also known by its botanical name as ''eurycoma longifolia''. It is a popular test-booster but so widespread, and with so many variations that it makes it difficult to pinpoint legitimate products with high-potency.

Michael Barlowe, the owner of the Shop is one of the most honest guys I know, and he does not engage in sketchy, unscrupulous or arguably proliferative marketing techniques like many other supplement salesman. 

Now well before I actually had ever communicated with him (by phone, querying products) I had heard good things on some bodybuilding forums, mostly word of mouth and some gentle recommendations, upon further investigation, I observed his website and saw that it too, was gentle, and not flashing all over the place with banners and 'sponsor' ads. 

Here's a preview of his home page / website front page. Click the image to enlarge it so you get can get a preview before you go on his site.

Additionally, I was surprised that he was one of the few individuals that was supplying certificate of analysis with his products. A relieving fact, because I had previously been concerned about quality and purity in many other supplement brands I had tried. I honestly don't like the fact that so many supplement companies refuse to produce a COA or certificate of analysis with their products or when asked for it. Some would see the failure to provide such test results on paper (essentially what a COA is, lab verified paperwork from a third-party lab, a well known lab telling you that the supplement analyzed is indeed what is shown on the label and how many parts per million of heavy metals are in it for safety purposes), as a red-flag as to the companies legitimacy, I on the other hand see it as ignorance in many cases. 

That doesn't mean that I shun other supplement companies that don't produce a COA, but unless I have tested their products or at least tried them personally, or see what I feel are legitimate reviews, then I probably won't respect them as much (with only a few exceptions).

He also packs most of his products in glass bottles, rather than plastic bottles, with exception only of this 200:1 Tongkat Ali product. He uses stearate-free herbal extracts and no unearthly or man-made preservatives, it's 100% pure herb with no additives

So those are all good points that set him apart from the rest of supplement manufacturers/shopowners.

Now let's get to the point.

My rating of Barlowe's Tongkat Ali 200:1 "Sumatra Pasak Bumi" Extract is a 5/5.

You'll see why in a moment...


Even though it has an ashy like taste and look, and smells funny (though, I actually enjoy the 'smoky' smell), you can tell upon further inspection it is real herb, Tongkat ali, and that it has all of the visual and olfactory hallmarks specifically of 'Sumatra Pasak Bumi'. The Indonesian 200:1 Tongkat Ali Extract.

Now, hopefully you won't break open the capsule and taste it out of curiosity because that's just pointless (even though I did it). You are supposed to swallow the capsule, not eat it. :-)

So drink it with a nice tall glass of water, and give it about 30mins - an hour to kick in...but realistically, you'll find that the effects actually 'happen' after about the end of the first week to the half-way mark of the second week.


  • 1 Capsule, Twice a day for the first Week to Assess tolerance/sensitivity.  
  • Then 2 Capsules, twice a day, starting on Week Two.
  • Then continue on 2 capsules/twice a day for 2 weeks and then take off for one full week before resuming the same dose (cycling it).

  1. The first week even on a lower dose, you will notice a sure boost in mood, a slight increase in libido, and a sensation of aggressive-tone during workouts, that particular last effect peaks though, on week 2 and beyond. 
  2. Then you will notice at the end of the first week, larger strength output (at least I did), not just in the gym, but also with work if you are laying brick pattern or concrete, or with tree-work and the like.
  3. The second week is the golden-week, where you notice all the effects kick in at once, in overdrive. The surges in libido, and testosterone levels will accentuate your behavior (and mood), and will begin to play a bigger part in your accomplishments both in the gym and in the bedroom. 
  4. I've noticed that specifically, your drive to pro-create will be as high as your 'want' to experiment.  That includes with possible S&M scenarios, aggressive dominance and role play (depending on personality of course), as well as with even the idea of 'new type of brawds' aka, foreign, tiny if not previously, or perhaps of a different ethnicity specifically.
  5. Finally, your strength, muscle gains, and libido / fantasies will culminate on week 4 and beyond of this product, so I suggest you buy 2 bottles or at least stock up well before your last week!

Well, that's my review!

Stay tuned for updates on this and more products!


  1. Your review was good, right up to when you went over the top with number 4 and the S+M comments. The line about "new type of brawd" is out of line, and will possible scare off potential customers. It sounds to me like you have been mixing this stuff with meth or some other nasty drug. Do Mr. Barlowe a big favor and remove part 4 of your review. It sounds like druggie talk. Not needed.

    1. It doesn't sound like 'druggie talk' at all, and YMMV with supplements. Everybody experiences their own effects. You wouldn't expect someone who is obese and weighs 300lbs to even obtain the same ''sexual'' effects that someone lean & in-shape would. And the man appreciates the reviews.

      So do yourself a favor and hop off the comments. Your presence here isn't needed.


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