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Sunday, June 5, 2016

{Light Portal} Area-1255's 5 Ways to Boost Melanin Naturally and Increase Tanning (2016 Increase Melanin Tanning)

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So it is summer time, and I suppose some of you may have trouble tanning, or burn easily. I am going to write a brief summary on how you can change your diet and supplementation routine - to increase tolerability to the sun and then pigmentation. 

First off, understand that your body needs certain chemicals, nutrients and co-factors to produce melanin (which pigments the skin).

There are 5 nutrients you should assuredly be getting in your diet.

METHOD #1 (Essential Nutrients/Co-Factors)

Copper - Copper is essential to producing melanin and also speeds up norepinephrine production which helps to increase metabolism. Too much though will cause nutrient imbalance and slow down your metabolism. Just get adequate amounts by consuming peanuts, almonds and other copper containing foods. (1)(2)

L-TYROSINE - L-Tyrosine is an amino acid precursor to both Dopamine and Melanin synthesis. Get plenty of this amino acid in your diet or supplement with it.  (3)(4)

VITAMIN D - Vitamin D is absolutely essential and you can easily find a supplement or just drink a lot of MILK. Vitamin D receptors increase as you are exposed to the sun, so get out more often to tan more even if you aren't seeing results right away!  (5) (6) (7)

VITAMIN C -  Vitamin C also increases both tyrosinase and melanin by activating a mitogen-activated protein kinase. (8)

Be sure to keep eating your fruit and drinking plenty of juice - by any means to increase Vitamin C intake. 

B-Vitamins - B Vitamins are absolutely essential for melanin production and play a VITAL ROLE in dopamine and tyrosinase production(which leads to more melanin).

METHOD #2 (Forskolin and cAMP Analogues)

There is a supplement called "Forskolin" and this increases a substance called "cAMP" or "Cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate" which triggers PKA activation and then dopamine and melanin synthesis.

Forskolin is a near perfect way to increase melanin and you can get it in a cream form below.


You can also take it orally as a dietary supplement but the results may be slower this way.

Perhaps combine both types of Forskolin if you have the money, which will accelerate this process.

Here are some good reports on Forskolin use below.

METHOD #3 (STRATEGIC cAMP Enhancement)

Moving past and beyond forskolin, you can synergise the tanning results of forskolin by Adding the Following supplements that also enhance cAMP production.

A safe and legal product containing sufficient amounts of Higenamine and can be STACKED with Forskolin is known as "Alpha-T2" and also acts as a thermogenic to help you blast the fat off.


Nitric Oxide will help improve blood flow and also protect your skin from sunburn, this is a very important and overlooked factor when it comes to tanning. Nitric Oxide also plays a role in how our body uses dopamine so we should be equally concerned with this key point. 

Read these articles concerning this fact.

Nitric Oxide Protects from UVA-Induced Apoptosis (Cell Death)

Ways to boost N.O Production Naturally.

1.) Eat Celery, Beets and other Nitrate Containing Foods.

2.) Supplement with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.
3.) Get plenty of Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium in your diet.
4.) Take a supplement called "PYCNOGENOL".
5.) Eat berries and other foods that contain "Anthocyanids" and RESVERATROL.

METHOD # 5 - PT-141, MELANOTAN II and other "Research Chemicals"


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I suggest reading all warnings and precautions first.

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