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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ceretropic Coluracetam Review (Area1255's Review of Coluracetam from Ceretropic)



To confirm, this review is about the powder, not the liquid solution.

Alright folks, this time it's time for a review of Ceretropic's ''little guy racetam'' review - that's my name for Coluracetam. I also like to call Colour, ''the vibrant offspring of Mr.Racetam''. Mr.Racetam or 'Parent Racetam' being Piracetam - the original racetam.

Coluracetam, often misspelled (even by myself) as 'colouracetam' or 'coloracetam', is a nootropic substance or nootropic chemical, that is, a chemical that allows for the enhancement or improvement of memory and other aspects of cognition[1].

Coluracetam (MKC-231) acts as a high-affinity choline uptake enhancer [2], this simply means it allows acetylcholine to be more readily available for the brain. It alters the transporter and efficiently enhances the acetylcholines movement into the synapse.

In even simpler terms, it allows our brain to function better by ensuring acetylcholine is rapidly made available to our brain cells.

Acetylcholine is one of the most important neurotransmitters involved in memory [3], and is deficient in Alzheimer's brains [4].

Now of course, I don't have Alzheimer's, I'm quite a sharp guy. Not even 30 yet. So the point of this review is to provide a substantial background so others know what to expect when ordering this product.

                                       THE DOSING

I chose to take 30 MG or thirty miligrams per day. It was usually all at one sitting bright and early in the morning, before food even goes into my stomach.

It was the powder, so I used this scale to measure it out. Which I bought on Amazon.

                                          THE TASTE
Coluracetam is not the most awful tasting drug, in fact, it's not awful tasting at all (and technically not a drug, more like a supplement).

Coluracetam has a mild bitter taste, ya know after measuring it out I simply put it on my tongue directly, no effort to dissolve in water. Not necessary. For me at least.

The aftertaste isn't strong either, you don't really notice it, if you do, drink some orange juice or something.

It's not that difficult to mask.

This is the best part. Coluracetam is a bit subtle, but then very noticeable after I'd say day four. To be fair, I only started with 5MG the first day so I can't reasonably expect anything at that dose. It wasn't until the third day of being on 30 MG (fourth day in altogether) that I noticed a sense of clarity, level-headedness, and when out, a vocabulary and insight enhancement. 

Verbal memory is ON FIRE with this stuff. Words I forgot I knew come fast on this! That's the first aspect I really like but...

It's also the 'organized' feeling, you don't have to rely on stimulants as much, but if you do take stimulants, this puts the buzz or the alertness, more specifically, on a cruise of clarity. I wouldn't say it dulls the emotional highs of anything, in fact, I think it enhances them. 

To be honest, the only stimulant I used while on this was Coffee. So I guess the above statement is a little generalized.

This whole writing pattern of mine is a little different, and spontaneous, I honestly didn't want to write the review today, but hey, didn't have anything better to do, least til' later.

Coluracetam helps you in identifying structure, and it gives you a calm sense of awareness. You become aware of your environment, moreso than usual, but you are still very much so 'with it'. So you won't deviate from conversation even if you are identifying information from the background. You'll still be able to focus even on hard tasks (like studying) and yet remember everything going on around you. That's an excellent feeling!

The other thing I noticed is that small little things you may have forgot about, things that aren't necessarily related to work, but perhaps family matters (minor issues on the to do list, in my case as an example), become suddenly engaged - simply because you remember them out of nowhere!

That defines nootropic in my opinion.

Coluracetam is brilliant stuff. I know most people are into Piracetam and Aniracetam, and I like those too, but this is actually better in a way because of how 'gentle' it is. 

By the third week, all of these effects are intensified, but again, still not losing their 'gentle pace' either. Meaning, I've never gotten jittery on this, and no anxiety, or mood issues. In fact, the product is so calming, and yet so alerting, that it creates a balance within yourself, that essentially creates a brighter worldview, which then essentially leads to a moodlift - at least that's my experience.

I wasn't taking any other supplements at the time, with sole exception of a multivitamin. That's so I can experience this product for what it is, and not have any confusion. 

I understand some people want to combine their nootropics to maximize effects, but I don't like doing that until I know how each one affects me separately. I don't feel there's much point to just jumping to a 'stack' if I don't see the beauty in each one. 

Otherwise it's like playing with someone else's tools to build a structure, or taking an ashtray of pills and popping them into a drink and gulping it down. It seems wrong, displaced and it defeats the purpose. 

It takes a wise man to recognize and properly apply each component of his life into his work, and that's what I feel should be done here. 

When building ANYTHING, including a supplement stack, you want to know specifically, the effects of each component, if you can't appreciate and also properly summarize each component - then how will you know the end result of the combination?

These paragraphs here are a representation of my feelings about this supplement as well, I have had to put no effort into this, or at least what feels like no effort, simply because it comes from the heart, and from the truth. Or perhaps its because this supplement, just makes everything feel so elegant, serene. Smooth. Efficient. I guess that would be consistent with the medical and scientific literature regarding Coluracetam.

So that's it ladies and gentlemen, that's my review of Ceretropics Coluracetam.

It's a beautiful product, and you should all try it.


!CERETROPIC Coluracetam Page Here!

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