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Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Inferno Diet : The Ultimate Adrenaline-Boosting Thermogenic Diet by Area-1255

This diet, unlike the Resonance Diet, which works on dopamine, this one works on adrenaline. Because adrenaline is our primary fat burning hormone (1), having a diet to influence the amount of the hormone in our body is extremely useful. It also 'bypasses' the need for supplements that do the same thing. So essentially, this diet can be seen as a 'non-supplement method of boosting adrenaline levels'. 

There are some that downright refuse to swallow pills, or some that simply are suspicious of supplements, or simply do not want to take them.

Therefore, this diet is for those people. It is backed by science. Not bro-science. Real science. 

It's very simple, just follow these 10-steps.

  1. Morning meal begins with a hot breakfast burrito . I prefer Amy's Dairy / Gluten-free organic breakfast burrito's, which have black beans & Tomatoes. Just put some organic habanero sauce on the burrito. The reason for this is black beans contain two important nutrients crucial for adrenaline release; Copper and the amino acid Tyrosine (2) (3) (4).  Habanero sauce is necessary. Habanero contains substances (Capsaicin) that activate the sympathetic nervous system to secrete norepinephrine/epinephrine (5) (6) (7)
  2. Drink either organic whole milk with this meal (8 oz) or organic almond milk (8 oz). The milk will help to soothe the stomach and increase digestion of the nutrients from the burrito (8) (9). The fats are essential for energy production (10) and fat is also necessary for adrenaline production (11). Organic dairy milk is preferred over almond milk, because we want some cholesterol with this meal,  Cholesterol is needed for Adrenaline production (12) (13) (14)    
  3. Either eat a half a teaspoon of organic Honey, or add it to your glass of milk with the first meal, shown above. Honey aids digestion, but also contains vital enzymes to stimulate energy metabolism (15) (16).

  4. For Lunch, eat a high-protein meal, high amounts of Protein stimulate metabolism (17) (18).  
    This meal must contain also a large proportion of vegetables, but specifically we want KALE, even if it is kale snack food, like Kale chips. Kale contains a very large amount of bioavailable Iodine, the most crucial mineral (natural element) for thyroid hormone production, and also for norepinephrine (norAdrenaline) production (19) (20).
  5. Steak or some form of beef should be included with this meal, Beef contains high amounts of the amino acids Methionine and Tyrosine which support adrenaline production (21) (22) (23) (24).
  6. For a drink, let's drink 2-3 full 8 ounce glasses of Juice, preferably organic Apple juice. Apple Juice contains highly digestable, and powerfully energizing sugars; called fructose (25) (26) (27)

  7. For Dinner let's go with another super high-protein meal, we are gonna want some spicy with this as well. So eat a nice bowl of organic Italian wedding soup, and maybe a nice hamburger with a habanero pepper (not the sauce, an actual pepper). Put Garlic in your soup, or on your burger, or you can simply eat 2-3 garlic cloves with this meal.

    Alternatively, eat a half of a whole onion, or at least a couple slices of Onion with this meal. The reasoning for this, is because Onions and Garlic both contain Allicin; a powerful chemical that enriches the brain's production and release of multiple neurotransmitters, including noradrenaline & adrenaline (28) (29) (30)

  8. Carbs are not necessary with the dinner meal, meaning, we do not need to add pasta or noodles, nor is it necessary at any point with this diet, to specifically add breads or anything like that. 
  9. We want to drink 3-4 glasses of BLK-Water with our dinner meal. BLK water is literally the purest water on the planet, and contains naturally occurring rare elements like Fulvic acid. We can simply drink a whole bottle or two of BLK-Water, as long as it's BLK Water (black water). Fulvic Acid offers a vast array of health benefits; including enhancing the lifespan of cells and organs, and increasing metabolism; mainly by removing toxic substances from our body (31) (32) (33) (34)
  10. Lastly, for either your last meal, a night-time meal, or mini-meal, or a late-night snack, you MUST eat a small bag or at least a handful, of Goji Berries. Goji Berries are a super-charging superfood; that is they contain a massive amount of nutrients, and specific rejuvenating components (35). Goji won't give you Insomnia, though. They can actually improve sleep quality, by enhancing cell-integrity.                     


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