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Friday, June 3, 2016

Naps Gear Jintani Labs Masteron Review (Review of Napsgear Masteron)

This is my personal review on Napsgear 'Jintani Labs' Masteron 100.

They give you a 10mL Vial of 100 mg / mL for about 44 bucks (prior was more than that).

It's an amazing product.

Now while I am deviating from my normal 'style' of review, this doesn't change the fact that I aim to bring a vital bottom line.

My dosing schedule with this product was.

  • 300 MG E3D or Every three days. It has a long-half life. That's not just for this product, that's all masteron solutions, masteron is just a highly bioavailable form of DHT with a 2-methyl group attached leading it to be longer lasting.
  • For 6 months, as a DHT-only stack. 

I bought it from their VIP product page, which is findable if you search the product by brand name only, or if you are a VIP. Anyone can use this link to buy it. { }

Method of administration.
  • Upper leg injection (near thigh)
From the get-go, or the first week really, you will notice the profound endorphin surges, and a mild 'buzz' on this product. You will be twice as motivated, and you will notice a mild boost in strength at the gym. That's just for the first week. 

The second week is far more pronounced, yet, not nearly as well as on the end of the first month, let's say the fourth week. Fourth week being the 'realization spot' where you see the best part of DHT That's where you feel your best, ''sharper than a mothafucka''. You feel berserk in the gym, you can't help but corner your goals. 

The second week you will notice an inevitable increase in libido. It comes on HARD. I mean that literally and formatively. You will get rock-hard boners all day if you use this dose, so be prepared to have a girl on your hands. This spirits a whole new 'animal-like' side of yourself, that you probably knew you had, but didn't know what it was really like to unearth. Many people reference the 'ol, ''it feels like I was 18 again'' quote. This was 18 and beyond!

The strength gains in the gym are absolutely out of this world. You get explosive aggression on this stuff, focus and clarity. It creates a lazer-sharp focus that allows you to distance yourself from the real-world. If some chump comes up to you asking some dumb ass question, you can literally just say 'uh-huh' and keep doing what you are doing (pull-downs, butterflies, leg press). That did happen to me. I could'a been an asshole and said 'get the fuck outta my face'. The focus was simply too real. Not kidding. Powerful stuff, it gives you this 'I'm on top of the world feeling'. It needs to be done. No two-ways about it. Masteron and weights, that's all I need. 

All of this can't be explained by anything else in this stack. The only other things I was taking were 'technical DHT-boosters'. That's Creatine, Tribulus, DHEA and Sorghum. More like natty DHT boosters.  

Upon the second month I was still gaining muscle (3 lbs up, whopping 100 on the bench), and I wasn't stopping there!!

This product is allowing me consistently to smash the shit out of plateaus' and keep them ground into the dust! I have such utter confidence on this stuff, moreso than usual, and that's usually a pretty good rating, that this stuff, makes me feel like superman's God. It don't play I don't play.

I found that this stuff also RAPIDLY increases my appetite. You will be eating like a damn half-hibernating bear. There's no question. That food is gonna run up your budget.

On the third week in, I was still crushing my plateau's, even more than before, and my logs at work. Tree work. Should I just throw a log over the river? A car? Feels like it. Ya'll know I don't give a fuck.

The fourth week I'm getting a little sad that this vial is running out. The end of my cycle is near. This euphoria is wittling away, the volumous force in liquid-courage is reaching the bottom of the glass. The wind on my shoulder and the breathe of the ocean-air as a greek god is looking too polarized. Ugh. But then I remember.


Final result of this product.

  1. Gained 8 lbs lean muscle in this 6 month course.
  2. Massive libido increases.
  3. Super-dense hard boners all day (exaggerating, but 6-7 times a day)
  4. Strength is insane, uncomparible. 
  5. Laser-sharp focus, able to filter out everything and keep liftin' away!


  1. Did you get blood work done while on? How suppressed were your levels?

    1. I did for the Mast, not for their Proviron though. LH/FSH weren't that suppressed actually, estrogen went down slightly on it.

    2. Mast is fing awesome. I was addicted to Adderall when I first started running it. Took it every day for 4 weeks at 100-150mg a day. Every few days my desire for Adderall gradually diminished. By week 3, I threw away the rest of the script, which was like 47 30mg Shire brand XR's.

      Now some people would say that's bullshit, but you cant fake kicking addiction. I don't know why it worked, but it did.

      I would love to run Mast for long periods of time, but I'm terrified of a hard shutdown. Jayzin, real Masteron is def all what you speak of.

      Fellas you'll ravage females on this shit!


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