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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ceretropic Centrophenoxine Review (Review of Ceretropic's Centrophenoxine by Area1255)


Yes, a cluster, or snowball of Ceretropic's Centrophenoxine powder product. In all fairness, the clumping could be because of the temperature I keep my place at. 

One thing is for sure, this is one strong tasting nootropic. 

I aim to keep this review fairly short, centrophenoxine is a difficult nootropic to judge. It's effects are there, even nearly right away, but mainly, they show up later. The best part of them anyhow.

Centrophenoxine is a mildly stimulating substance. I took 150 MG X3 a day, so a total of 450 MG in one day. This continued on for about 3 weeks, then I took a one week break, and resumed to finish my exams.

Note, it is not necessary to cycle centrophenoxine. I've never heard of anyone specifically cycling it, or more specifically, needing to. I'm not aware of any research showing it is necessary to cycle it either.

The effects of centrophenoxine (and btw this is REAL centro) are like a simmering pot of melting gold. Ok maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's a good description visually. The effects relate mostly to mental sharpness, but also to judgement. That's how I can describe centro. It helps with judgement. It helped me with efficiency in handling some decisions relating to the building of a fence that had to be managed, and it helped when I was picking up a shift at the the nearby mental ward. It also helped when dealing with family matters. 

The idea is it basically gives you a sense of connectivity to your environment, a sense of awareness, and a sense of insight, specifically, it allows you to see more `'in-depth'` the possibilities of others behavior and the consequences of unraveling. Many people go about life just doing things by the moment, sometimes with no reasonable expectation of possibilities, and thus, when a difficult situation arises, they have to get up and deal with it, often in a huff, and because of lack of preparedness. 

Many people underestimate the significance of being mentally prepared, often only thinking about physical preparedness, and then having to work 'uphill' whenever a difficult situation comes to be.

Centro helps you to realize this before it becomes necessary to. It just gives you this sense of assurance, and sense of readiness. Mental preparedness. Not like a jittery, or fight-or-flight kind, but just a sense of outlook. That's whats important about this product. 

Other things I've noticed about this product.

  • I think it may have enhanced my creative thinking a little bit, but only because of the increased attention, more like the swift-decision making ability led to not overthinking things, such as when making WMM movies.
  • It seems this product made me more motivated in terms of finishing things I started in a short time span. Quicker, would be the word. Less deviation from the task at hand. 
  • More collected, you just feel more 'together' on this. You feel ready to tackle things because you are more easily seeing 'the whole picture'. There's less effort, less strain when looking at even difficult tasks.
  • You feel more patient on this.
  • Little things like candy, or water, seem to be more efficiently utilized? It seems that every little thing you eat or drink on this becomes rationed as energy and vibrance of thought. Everything you put into your body is rapidly utilized.
  • You feel less thirsty on this product.

So that's my conclusion on this product, another 5/5 for Ceretropic!

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