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Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Glimpse of Faith is Permanent, so as long as you Become One With It.

A person may have a glimpse of hope, a fraction of Faith. Even if previously they had more. That is all it takes though. †It isn't about the quantity of Faith that saves. Its about the magnitude of that Faith. Its more than recovering an ounce of what seems to be lost. I say "seems" because Faith is never permanently lost. If you can fuse Faith and Belief with Prayer - and you can find other elements (such as music or art) there is no limit to the power of circumstance

We are all capable of creating Unusual Circumstance, through Faith.

We do not have to linger on Fatalism. At least not the concept of a permanent path. If you choose one path out of Greed or Evil. Then most likely those elements will not keep you there - Fear will. Fear of losing it. Fear of being weak. Fear of being SEEN as weak. So for all would-be tyrants who believe that Power is remaining sturdy on a dirty path - there is hope to change that around. To swap your cold, worn and greed-ridden soul for the power of Hope & Faith.

†It is the Power of Belief and knowledge that then, through awareness comes Godliness.†

In this is the Power to Create Events. And God will justify your switch from Evil. But you can not allow fear to dictate what you think God himself is capable of.

More, you can't allow your Ego and the need to prove your worth top all Spiritual and even human values. If one thing encourages you to return to darkness, then you can re-use the things that encouraged you to change - or at least the fact of the matter. It is easier said than done. But through Faith in Yahweh (God) and Jesus (Yeshua) we can overcome new boundaries, we can create circumstances in our favor and ride the Wave to Victory.

Therefore it is of deep empowerment within my Faith that has triggered to write this out of years of self-collection/self-reflection. It is from deep Insight and with the events of the world I couldn't be more Right. Yet in all of this I am inspired to say that God has led me to understand the power of Right and Faith so much that he has caused a quake in my environment. Miracles have been shown and upon finishing this I will meditate again to understand more of what has been given to me. This post will cover multiple areas of Faith.


A long while ago, unusual circumstances would be a requirement for some things. I got them. Always. But over the years the power of things in my Life coming together under unusual circumstances was something that I found in numbers (a statistic), in quantity, instead of in quality. It became a compulsion. It even abounded in misery for a moment. Then I realized, unusual circumstances can be met with great power when they themselves are made with great power. If I or anyone like me is too eager to find them - then what power will they have when they have become additional unusual. You see as humans, we like to define expectations for things - we like to set limits, or we set things too high - so much that when we get them. It is nothing more than a moment of gaining - God has taught me to re-appreciate the power of those circumstances, rather than to treasure them in an act of gaining. 

It is for this reason this post is written.

Now I'd like to share a Bible quote.

Hebrews 11:1
"Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."

Fitting that this happens to be an "11" in Chapter - not that it matters much.
But what does matter is that if all things - and people have a purpose and all events happen for a reason, then we should not necessarily analyze those reasons. We can observe, but most things are beyond our knowledge, at least at first. That is the Spirit of Christ which guarantees our union in Faith, a confidence for things to come. A confidence unmatched and guaranteed. Because if all things lose true value, if events are superseded by Man only, then there is no miracle. There is no confidence. There is no value of life. 

Only Faith can restore Quality and Value in people and places - and perhaps most importantly in the Promise and Power of the Future, guaranteed to us through Christ our Lord, Amen.

The Power of Faith is to be resurrected FULLY tonight - those who slip shall fall but I pray they, even my enemies get up - however, a Sword has been given to me to Win. To obtain Victory in righteousness. To counter-balance the Evil in this World and to show that others can, too, do the same.

Do not feel Weak, but the right action assures us that others, even the Strongest will need assistance at times. I may not be Perfect, but even I have needed God and peoples assistance at times. Hard to admit. But I do, at times. However, the Power of God has uplifted me at this moment - and I now pray he shall uplift others to do the right thing. I will not falter nor be lost in darkness, nor in confusion. I am to be rather, reborn again in Christ, once more for Insight and reflection, for awareness. 

My goals will remain the same.

My union in Faith will remain.

My courage and perseverance will remain.

So then shall my Faith and the Power of my Ancient strength and my Ancestors who through me and God will separate the world from itself - to re-evaluate itself. To understand what it is missing. Now, my objective is not necessarily to heal the World. I don't feel that is my job in the traditional sense. I do however, feel, that Faith can inspire Insight and encourage others to seek the forgiveness and Strength of the Lord.

~AMx ReBorN~
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