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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Repentance Does Not Have to be in Writing or a Certain Number of Acts, But One In Meaning.

Repentance, it is the Biblical concept of turning away formally (and in expressing deep and sincere regret) from the act of sin and general bad deeds - but it is not one that must be rooted in Physical offering. That means that kneeling - though a sign of good Faith, is not necessarily a prerequisite - and altogether, it is less important than ACTUALLY meaning it. 

So many seem to either over-engage or under-engage the act of repentance, or they turn it into a compulsion - or somewhat of a "habit" for higher ups. But feeding the flock the act of Good Faith is not as important as taking time to build the connection with Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and God (Yahweh) in whom abide and constitute The Holy Spirit.

This is where many Preachers, Priests and clergymen go wrong. The acts are there, often numerous, of high physical magnitude but of little Faith, or of little patience for real change.

Then, the only way to be saved is to abide in Faith and ASK for Christ & the Holy Spirit to be with you WHILE you Repent. Sure, there are some who have come so far as transgressors that they may not immediately feel the return of God's Energy - and in that case, more physical acts of goodness and patience may be required. Faith isn't always an easy task - but it comes from the Soul, from the Spirit, from the Heart - and the works are of course of the Body, but in Faith. Performed by the Mind but with the Soul as a Guide. This is something incredibly important to remember, as many of us have lost track of what Repentance should really mean.

Perhaps then, it is the simplest of explanations such as this - that gives light to all and encourages those to not be afraid to repent. 

"Repentance is not about a Physical action, it is not about the number of words used, it is not about the number of actions that follow. Repentance is about demonstrating Meaning in a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit. Its about not just the admitting of need for change but doing so in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Even if you must call for the presence with all your Heart!"

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