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Sunday, November 5, 2017

NutraBio Pre-Extreme Review 2017 (Does NutraBio Have the Best PreWorkout Product?)

Previously we had written about the original NutraBio "PRE" product. Pre meaning preworkout (PWO) of course!

That should tell you that NutraBio is "In", in the industry. I actually believe they have more of a foothold because of their quality control and ethics than other companies. 

...But let's not spend too much time on all that chatter.

Since the old Preworkout product by NutraBio (which is still around) was amazingly powerful; I only expected that the "Extreme" version - with Yohimbine HCL added would be even more powerful. No, I'm not going to say "twice as" or "3x as" because those types of figures are not logical. Who is going to know how exactly a proportion like "its twice as strong" is going play out? Especially since that won't mean much to some groups of people. I'm not talking about dedication so much as history.

So in this case - what's new with PRE-Extreme (PREX)?
Here's the ingredient label below.
"Supplement Facts".
On the LEFT is PRE-EXTREME, Right is Original PRE.

As you can see the main difference with the PRE-"Extreme" version is the addition of several popular stimulants (sympathomimetics) which activate the Sympathetic nervous system and adrenal gland hormone production.

Yohimbine, N-Methyl-tyramine and Hordenine all act to increase adrenaline production and release through a variety of mechanisms.

In comparison to the original PRE. This product produced more focus, improved short-term memory and most certainly improved workout aggression which, in my opinion, no other product has done  so in such a savory NON-JITTERY way. 

I actually thought I was going to have *some form of negative side-effect from it. 

Fortunately I did not.

PRE-Extreme and their maker seem to have the whole "dosage" thing pretty on-point. I believe that they are are going to further dominate the supplement industry and get "legitimacy" and truly high-quality products to surpass the deceivers in the industry.

There is nothing that compares to PRE-Extreme in the area of pump, however, it is not its strongest effect. No, the effects that this product delivers target the area of "neuromuscular strength" more than pump. In that, I mean if ALL I wanted was a better pump - I could just as easily use their NO Stack product or another product that focuses on the Arginine-nitrate pathway. 

But over time, pumps become a thing that you want to trigger not artificially engineer.

So therefore, I find that this product is SUPERIOR to "Pump-products" because it work on strength and motivation which then of course, leads to more productive workouts.

This product will make you feel HOT!

Not necessarily in an uncomfortable way, but it definitely boosts the internal thermostat!

I guess that isn't surprising.

Given that practically every UNIQUE ingredient in it is a thermogenic.

That's the best thing about this product. I've always loved Yohimbine for a good endorphin rush and for the Energy/Mood/Motivation it provides! I don't think there's been a time that I haven't noticed benefits from Yohimbine.

So their choice in putting it in there is strategic, because almost every person I talk to who has used Yohimbine - has noticed how many benefits it has.

It enhances literally every other ingredient in the product and tunes up your motivation to new levels!


Don't get me started.

This product will make your bench press a BERSERK PRESS. (still keep your form good though!)

It is the best in its class for that.


I chose to rate this product a SOLID, indisputable 5 out of 5 because nothing compares to it.
It is my favorite preworkout product (BEYOND PRE) and I don't see that changing any time soon.
I highly recommend it to all who read this and are seeking an edge in their bodybuilding/workout program!

You can buy PRE-EXTREME for a good price (2017) on their main page below.

or on Amazon.
CLICK HERE for A Good Deal.

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