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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Champions of the Faith, All Directions Are Possible, So Let Life Be Surreal.

We all are capable of becoming Champions of the Faith; not just from a Spiritual perspective, but in our actions. Unknowingly, every day people are relaying Gods messages. Every day people commit acts of good will - in support of others, doing things that further them - and you will find that those of Faith, who believe and who are in need of support - will find that in their relentless belief, are the ones on the receiving end of favors. Even from those who don't formally believe. But in themselves, and in good actions - they themselves too are rewarded, and hopefully, the Faithful reward them back, too.

If anything shall be said at this point, it is that I want everyone to dream. To achieve their dreams. To enhance, maintain and sustain their creativity. Let life be surreal. The most fantastic moments of my life and in what shall be (continuing forward) are those in Faith. When I see my dreams unfold. As it occurs, knowing, feeling, it will occur. But its the surrealism of it all. As I see places I've never seen - or looked at places in new ways that I have seen. There have been times where I closed my eyes and saw then even more places than when Physically exploring. Places I have never seen. True visions. I speak in tongues almost daily.
I have knowledge of many things that others couldn't possibly understand. In belief, I have created a destiny. But not one of corruption, but of Heart, of Soul, of true empowerment and of true volition.

People may not always agree with my actions.  

But most of the time, they end up seeing I'm right about them. Even if it takes a while to come to that conclusion.

In a sense, if a twist of fate is the precursor to new and unusual things, then the same twist of fate can be relayed in words of disapproval. Which is why some disapproval is not to be shunned, but rather, valued - because it can reflect your desires, and your future. 

To achieve a Life of true meaning, you must know to take the robe of self-deception off. Take the cloak of self-defeat off. Burn it. Do not allow others to obstruct your will. Take forth their words - Good and Bad and utilize them in your direction. Take advantage of the moments. Become one with the moment, while believing in the future.

When you achieve the moment of serenity and a balance between that and utter Belief and Faith - things will become almost surreal. The World around you will shine in a new way. You will understand things in a deeper way as I do.

So do not discard individuality, do not discard Faith, do not discard Belief, do not Discount your actions, do not underplay the significance of your words.

Do not...ever, lose your momentum because of the approval or disapproval that society may try to cast upon you.

We are all humans but we all have a will and anyone who attempts to take that must be a victim of our unending Belief - that we as humans, can make our Destiny.

Btw, here's a trick and do not forget these words.
If our powerful momentum is too much for a time for people to handle, is unaccepted totally, or may be too strong a force (instinctually) for the current environment, we do not have to strip ourselves of that Momentum (or courage) but rather - dial it down for a moment - hide it in the face of fairness and serenity. Then, resurrect it when the time is right.

All things should be done with instinct.
Good judgement is not rooted in being fearful, overly cautious or paranoid - but is rooted in determination, vigilance and astute decisions.

If ever there is a time where you have seemingly no path, remember the most significant moments and your greatest triumphs - they will carry you through to understanding, even the amount of time it takes to get a GLIMPSE of your path seems perilous, then assume the reasons are you are about to transcend the falsely acknowledged defeat by a stronger will - because you yourself have overcome and will overcome. Eliminate the IF and CAN DO and DO. 

It should never be I can, it should be I DO.
Nothing can defeat that.
It should never be I'll try.
But I will.
Not I set.
But I have set.
Not I will be.
But I am.
I am the maker of my future, and so are you.


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