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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Never Underestimate the Energy & Fury of the Youth.

As a man born with pure Spirit - and unrivaled creativity and speaking as a man who leads anti-aging campaigns, and is himself, an immortalist (believing in extending the lifespan) - I can tell you that no matter how SMART or AGGRESSIVE you are, the energy of the Youth is God's most powerful deity. It is stronger than most care to realize. It is a force that no matter how dumb or smart it acts for a moment - will leave an impression.

No matter how Politics change, the Youth (youngest groups of people) will ALWAYS play a key role. The educated decisions of our eldest are rooted on logic, but they do not have the instincts we do. They are not endowed with euphoric optimism. Nor the ability to see through lies instinctually, rather than logically. 

I am on a quest to make dreams a reality. I have proven that no matter what anyone says, I can do what others can't. I have often been told by many people something "won't happen" as with conflicts prior, that I would not escape repercussions for my actions - or that I wouldn't become successful. All of that was smacked in their faces by the hand of God - and I overcame the most important struggles unharmed. Then you could argue, God is at my side. 
Especially since I'm right about all of it. When people believe in me - those that have, found that even if I what I say seems  illogical for a time - I end up being right. Because I am in tune with my instincts, supremely aware of everything going on. Even the content of peoples souls I can see.

So then are my instincts and my powers of perception - able to understand beyond your average Joe, with an Eidetic memory I comprehend and remember EVERYTHING ever said to me by anyone. Reading became easy. I grew into a legion of myself, replicating, and constantly showing anyone who was in my way who's in charge. As the Child of me has spoken, he writes me well - he himself with a Grin on his face. Making clones of himself. Writing my destiny in the present day. 

I am a man who invisions (and has visions). If I close my eyes I can visualize things I've never seen before. Things not based on anything I've seen. Yet, I remain grounded in the present. Without fracturing my mentality. I have become what I have sought to become. And for my enemy, the road to battling me will become so complex that they will drown in a combination of the speed of my protectors and their own falseness. I have seen this happen many times before.

I speak about Health a lot on this blog, and so do the other writers. But I have not conquered myself through easy-living but by affliction I have come to realize that any opposition is an opposition to the fully-formed Warrior that has grown from the images of my childhood into someone who has abilities that parallel but surpass the imagined ones of my Childhood. I have become, everything I have dreamed of becoming. Now, my only adventure left is of making that reality two-fold, doubling the optimism of my warrior mentality with a mix of gentle and open-minded. 

Be aware though, I do not want to encourage Anarchy - I believe in our country. I am not a Godless man. I am a man of Faith. So to the God whom I accredit victory so do I give credit where its due. I want to give this as a message of Faith & Belief. Remember that confidence can not possibly come from Hope, but Faith. Assurance is stronger because hope can be detrimental. So instead, as with the Youth - be assured, not hopeful. Be in confidence, not constantly guessing. Be in reality - but follow the power of your Imagination. Make your dreams a reality - do not simply wish upon them. Your dreams can not answer you - YOU must answer your dreams as making them a reality requires your effort. 

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