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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Why Would Not Eating Improve Mood/Depression (Why do I feel Better When I Don't Eat)

This question is becoming more and more common lately - I've seen it on Longecity and other forums that I frequent. Besides those who get legitimate benefit from "fasting"; including intermittent fasting - there is a small handful of people who get benefit from total fasting for a day or two. Or skipping most or all of their meals until night time. The question is - what do all of these people have in common?

Why would "not eating" or temporary fasting improve Energy and Mood as so many say it does? What about those that are actually DEPRESSED after eating? Why would that happen? 

Here I will list the health reasons of why there is that contrast with many people.


1.) You have too much Serotonin
 Studies show that people with excessive serotonin who then consume more tryptophan end up being more Depressed and lethargic. Dr.Ray Peat went over this in his major article as well as the flaws in the mainstream science : "serotonin is good". Serotonin "syndrome" is a condition in where serotonin becomes so high that it starts to cause oxidizing of cells and abnormal heart rhythms - in addition to metabolic dysfunction - sometimes to the point of acidosis and muscle loss [!].

--> Many with this cause of food-induced Depression will also find equal benefit from taking L-Tyrosine supplements + BCAA's in the morning and afternoon. 

--> If not eating makes you more energetic and "feeling better" - check your serotonin levels! You can request your Doctor draw a blood test or a 24-hour Urine Test for 5-HTIAA or 5-hydroxy-indoleacetic acid.

2.) You have blood sugar problems or Insulin Resistance.
Its possible your "depression" or lifelessness after eating comes from poor utilization of sugars in the diet. Try replacing your normal sugary and starchy foods with more Protein based foods, less crap-carbs like noodles and bread and for "true" sugars - eat fruits and other forms of "power-carbs". Check with a Doc if you think you may have hyperglycemia; a serious high blood sugar condition or Diabetes where your ability to use sugar properly is compromised.

3.) You have a condition that is responding to enhanced Growth Hormone levels.

When you fast, growth hormone levels temporarily increase. Its possible that "not eating" in this context is stimulating your GH levels - which is then affecting your cells in a beneficial way or countering some disease process going on. In this case, not to worry, its most likely NOT Cancer as the enhanced GH wouldn't help that.
However, its possible that you are : fighting an infection, feeling ill due to allergies, being exposed to heavy metals, are immunosuppressed or are lacking in normal endocrine output (low sex hormones etc).

--> In this case, "test" the theory by doing other things that enhance GH levels.
--> Supplement with 3 grams of Arginine, 3 grams of L-Lysine and as well Ornithine and arginine pyroglutamate. Do this several times a day and hell, you can also throw in L-Dopa at night. If these steps help, its possible you need more growth hormone or you have some other bodily dysfunction going on.

4.) You have SIBO; Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth.

This may be a more common reason for those who complain of casual digestive problems. This happens to be directly related to Depression and anything that falls into the same category of "toxic organism exposure" can produce similar symptoms to SIBO. Such as mold exposure. Therefore.

--> Check your house for mold and remove properly with a Colloidal Silver cleaning mixture.

--> Get blood tests to check for CRP; C-reactive protein levels. Other tests for inflammation may help.

--> An abdominal ultrasound from the Doc could determine SIBO related issues or IBS-C/D issues.

--> Start a regimen of Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Royal Jelly/Bee Pollen as well InfoWars Life Living Defense intestine cleanse. Take the living defense for 30-45 days. The rest should be a 6-months to a year-long regimen.

5.) You have an undiagnosed neurological problem.

Sometimes immune reactions and digestive reactions give it away. If you feel Depressed after eating - its possible that some pathogen has made its way into your nervous system; examples include Herpes (HSV-1/HSV-2), Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasmum, Syphillis or others (Meningitis) that upon eating, now trigger an immunological response that perhaps the pathogen is reacting to; worsening Depression symptoms. At this point, we recommend you go to a Doctor for a complete blood count and total workup of all possible considered pathogens - beyond what we have written here. 

This is for you and your Doctor to discuss. So if the above 1-4  does not improve your condition or allow you to learn about what is going on. Then this should be your next step. It is absolutely abnormal that, if the first parts are ruled out - that you would experiencing the "Depression after eating Phenomenon". 

So it is good to look into this.

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