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Monday, November 13, 2017

How Many People Live to Consolidate Possibilities, Versus Living Them?

One thing that always comes to mind when hearing peoples "hypothetical" questions and scenarios is that people are often stuck on possibilities and where they would/should go with them. Perhaps a central part of the dysfunction in our society is disorganized thinking, to the point where a good portion is not inhibited in the classic sense - but hindered by their own thought process!

A good quote should be put here.

“A weak man has doubts before a decision; a strong man has them afterwards.”

― Karl Kraus

Now by definition, to consolidate a possibility would be to enhance the strength of that possibility and to bring it together, but why bring together a possibility under a possible pretext when you can live by choice and not by fate. 

I'm living proof that you can have a Spiritual belief (Christian) and yet still live by choice. I and other writers of this blog believe the same. Choice - is all-important. Even if you are an incredibly fatalistic bastard - the so-called image of fatalism objects to randomization anyway. In fate, or actions of unintended measurement - choice, is always at the core. It may not always be YOUR choice - but your choice can affect the outcome. Hell, you want to do something dangerously illegal? Its a choice. You can also make the choice to execute good judgement in doing so. I'm not promoting breaking the law, but if you aren't hurting anyone or stealing from people I'd say - just don't get caught.

How do you not get caught? You don't tell people about it. You avoid being identified. You control your communication. You maintain vigilance. You estimate the moves of people without seeming like you have something to hide.

But this is about EVERYTHING. Who lives in possibilities then. I'm not AGAINST possibilities, my writing has always spoke about them - but notice I always emphasize EVEN MORE the initiative of turning what is one idea - STRONGHELD or not - into a reality. No matter what it is. Tune into your inner strength. That's what I always preach because your inner light will guide you!

If you piss the wrong person off you have a choice - the outcome doesn't have to be fate. You can forgive or you can battle! But each choice must have its own assortment of things that follow. Objectives. Tools. Interactions. Every action shall yield a consequence. With or without others permissions. Be aware of that!

Remember, if we live to gain then we must live not by the concept of possibility - but of transformation. We make our beliefs and what we strive for a reality! No matter who or what tries to stop us - we stop them and that's a choice! Then we move forward! 

There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul. 

~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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