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Monday, May 7, 2018

Creativity: The Only True Military "Power". (A Review of Creativities Role in Military Tactics/Weaponry)

Chances are - if you have read anything about prior World Wars (1 or 2), you know that Technology has been improving ever since. Various upgrades to Aircraft and Fighter Jets have been made in the USA [1], China [2], Russia [3], Japan [4], North Korea [5], France [6] [7] and etc.

Submarines have been advanced and all major nuclear powers have submarine-deployed Nukes [8] [9].

...But unless you really have an Eye like a Hawk; that is, an Eye for Detail. Including even the most Obscure will probably see that ANY advantage in War is directly related to how Creative that Nations Military Forces are [10]. Not JUST "Creative Advancements" in Military Weaponry and Technology...but creative NEW ways of using what the Nation already has.

Covert Operations also often include Creative tactics, in some cases "Extreme Creativity" is used.

Examples include using contraptions attached to Rope, that are attached to Doors, designed to strangle others (as a covert op) [11], chemical weapons deployed through atypical mechanisms, such as Powders dispersed through Vehicle Engines [10], and transdermal chemical solutions discretely placed on things like Suitcases, and other things EXPECTED to be Touched [12].

Of course, these are "dirty tactics" and rarely advocated for - but they speak to the many possible Mechanisms of Military Victory.

Other Creative tactics include; Infiltration and advanced underground movement, even so far as using underwater tunnels [13], Switzerland maintains bunkers for Citizen and Law Enforcement Security/Utilization [14] and Germany is rumored to have additional 'secret' advances in Technology & Safety Tunnels [15]. The USA's Water-Training for the Marines and SEALs is generally remarked as one of the harshest forms of Training. This shows that clearly Water-Based Warfare is one of the largest considerations, today. Advances in Water-Warfare are constantly advancing, and Underwater Drones are no joke.

Masquerades, such as using Drones to distract or otherwise obstruct an Action - can be employed as well, and a Criminal Gang used Drones in recent years to obstruct and FBI-Hostage Operation [16]; highlighting the many, many ways technology can be used in a non-linear manner [17].

Some Blog's have remarked how it is *possible* to Monitor Brainwaves; evoked potentials and the technology used in doing so can potentially be used to modify thought and direct actions [18] [19] [20].

...Most 'Professional' opinions on this though are that the chances of using this Militarily make for an unpredictable result; a thought that isn't too unreasonable. Especially given the Brain Chemistry differences between One Person and the Next...

However - the Concept is legitimate and even things like Wireless Earbuds can be again, potentially used to monitor Brain Activity [21].

But these types of things can be advanced by Creativity even more.

For example, gaining even "Approximate" Insight (MRI) into the Minds of Major Terrorist Leaders could prove useful for their Defeat.

Major Chemical Breakthroughs: Radioactive Weapons such as Polonium-210 (discovered in Poland) - have already been used in High-Profile assassinations - such as with Alexander Litvinenko; a former Russian-Spy [22] - Yasser Arafat (A Palestinian Political Leader) [23], an unnamed Agent [24] and others throughout the Globe [25].

These types of Weapons can also be further developed [26] and also less dramatic versions of such Radioactive weapons can be used along with electromagnetic pulse devices [27].

Other Potential Innovation run the gamut; including Advanced Laser Weapons (LaWS) (perhaps by using a combination of blinding and heat-based lasers simultaneously) and the use of which also can be used in Creative Ways. 

Including, distraction devices, sprinkler like lasers to be thrown and armed, and methods of deploying heat-based 'attack' lasers from AirCrafts.

DARPA has also been developing a number of New Military Advancements; including a device to allow Military Personnel to literally climb up walls ("Z-Man") and High-Tech Room Mapping devices dubbed a "Virtual Eye" [28].

A Novel Invention - Covert ElectroMagnetic WarFare Using Modified Devices


Interwar Airpower, Grand Strategy, and Military Innovation: Germany vs. Great Britain. (The Strategy Bridge)

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  1. Yuri Shchekochikhin and some others are rumored to be poisoned with Po210.


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