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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Viking Values and How They Align With Biblical Values (And Don't).

I've gotten E-mails about the Concept of "Viking Values" and how might they ALIGN or CONTRAST with Biblical Values. 

The answer may seem Complex, but the Reality there is more in COMMON than you may think.

How Viking Values Align with the Bible and Godly Values

  1. Both Viking Values and The Bible tell to be of  Courage and Bravery, even in the Face of Adversity [Bible Reference 1] [Biblical Reference 2] [Viking Historian Reference].
  2. Both Viking Values and "Ways" and The Bible encourage the Man and Woman in Marriage to be "Equals" and that they both are essentially the "other-half" [Biblical Reference] [Viking Value Reference]. The Bible Encourages the Husband to Respect the Wife, and the same the Wife must Respect the Husband [1 Peter 3:7]
  3. Both the old Viking Way and The Bible although encouraging the Pair or Couple to be "equal", generally encourage the Man to be one responsible for providing for the Family - as in, the Man in Viking Age would be a "Warrior" concerned with Gain; both in terms of Currency, Resources and Farm Land (conquering, leveraging, pillaging etc) and in the Bible - there were many Conquests set to avail the Man's earnings and household - although in different pretenses ("proving God's presence and commandments"). [Viking Reference] [Biblical Reference].
  4. Viking Values encouraged one "sacrifices for their brothers" that if they are in need they lend support, as does The Bible [Biblical Reference] [Viking Reference] - however, both Viking Values and The Bible advocate for Self-Sufficiency, Independence [Viking Reference] [Bible Reference] and Wisdom in determining how to "move next" [Viking Reference] [Bible Reference].
  5. Both Viking Values and The Bible encourage one to be Strong and Immovable in the Face of the Enemy [Viking Reference] [Biblical Reference].
  6. Although Viking Values encourage Fearlessness, they also Encourage SOUND JUDGEMENT [Viking Value Reference] and so does the Holy Bible [Biblical Reference].
  7. Vikings did not care about "how many Enemies there are" [Reference] and the Bible does not encourage one to "count the enemies" either [Biblical Reference] but to remain Faithful and Courageous (without being naive). Courage is paramount in both cultures, and Joshua's Example in The Bible is One of The Greatest; how one Man portrayed in The Bible SUDDENLY was given "Supernatural" Strength through Faith & Courage alone to overcome enemies when he had no strength left. Joshua's words left an imprint upon the Faithful and Believing [See Bible Verse from Joshua Here]. [Read BOOK OF JOSHUA Here].
  8. Freedom is cherished in Viking Values - it is one of the highest values next to Courage and Wisdom [!] likewise in The Holy Bible - Freedom is a necessary element to being of Sanctity and having Integrity [!].
  9. "God's Will" is equally cherished by the Vikings, for in times of ignorant rulers the Vikings often believed that their Gods would "set them right" and the "Will of The Gods" would thwart a King in favor of a "more fair king" [See Here] and - in the Bible it teaches "for God sets up Kings and Removes them" [DANIEL 2-21 Verse] and teaches that *sometimes* Rejecting Man's Law or "The Law of Man" is necessary when it has become "Wrong" or "Corrupt" and that in this case, you must REJECT Man's Law and instead, Mind God's Law INSTEAD of Man's Law [Mark 7:8] [Acts 5:29] [Acts 5:36-5:39]
  10. Lastly, the Vikings believed that the value of Hospitality is prudent and necessary even in the eyes of a Stranger [See Reference Here] and The Bible too, supports being hospitable and not judging Strangers [See Bible Verses Here].

  1. While The Bible advocates for Violence *when absolutely necessary* [see here] the Viking Values are that of encouraging striking and conquering the Enemy by Force and the very act, by which is an Act of Courage that can be seen as a "Prerequisite" to enter "Viking Heaven" which can be translated as "VALHALLA" [1] but has other possible translations, depending on the Version of Norse read. Where the Bible clearly states that Jesus Christ and the a Mind and Soul free of Sin, accepting the Forgiveness and Conversion (Repentance) by the Lord is the "but one way a Man can enter Heaven" [2].
  2. Vikings reached within themselves and with Strategic, sometimes Crude or sometimes Deceptive tactics in communication, whereas The Bible and God's Word often says "God will give you the Words to say" [Bible Verse Here].
  3. While God's People (Believers) believe in "withstanding the enemy" and "being delivered from Evil" [See Verse Here] - The Vikings were Ambitious and Active and believed in being Prepared and Strategic [See Reference Here].
  4. In all Reality - its not a "lack of preparedness" that is advocated for in The Bible - but rather that Violence is a "last resort" and (preferably) non-action, except that in which a "Godly Nation" fights for its Freedom and Beliefs to a Sinful Enemy [See Verse Here].
  5. The Viking Values state (contrarily to The Bible) that Pride and Ego while not to be held of the highest importance - are conserved for the Purpose of Strength and Formidability in the Eyes of (Potential) all Enemies.
  6. While arguably a Human Value and not exclusive to the Vikings - the concept of Pride is somewhat reinforced by External Values (materials, wealth) although the first concept (of larger importance) is holding ones Beliefs and what they Fight for to be Sacred.

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